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Hey All,

i am lookin for a advanced compact to compliment my dslr and film slr arsenal, basically just to have something to take to work everyday when i dont wanna lug around all my gear..

right now i am lookin at a canon g6 and sony v3.. because they offer the features i want and quality i demand.. but i am not really saving as much weight and size over my slr and medium zoom as i would desire.. i looked at the sony p150-200, but thats almost going too far the other way..

so now i am looking at the casio p700 but am not finding alot of info on it.. so if anyone has any links or knowledge on this camera and how it stacks up against the aforementioned gear, let me know..

ThankYa, Dustin
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Go to dpreview.com, they did a big review of the G6, the Sony something, the Olympus C-7000, the Casio P700 and something else. Kind of a 7MP Compact Camera royal-rumble.

As I recall, the G6 and the Casio came out on top.

If you like the look of the P700, consider the P600. It's one model down, with almost all of the same features, but one less megapixel. Steve has a great review of the P600 on this site.
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Hi Hards80,

I'll be getting my P700 today (according to FedEx!) and I will be running it through it's paces ASAP to beat a rather tight return window (on 7 days) at Comp-U-Plus. Next time I'll buy from a dealer that give you more time. Probably J&R, who have been highly recommended to me on the forums at DPReview.

Like you, I was looking for a more compact model that I could carry around most of the time (too many missed shots because I just won't carry around my heavy Canon G2).

After a lot of searching and research, the reviews from here and DPReview (especially their comparison review, check that out!) convinced me that the Casio P700 was the ideal camera for my needs. Really the fast focusing was the final straw, but the image quality is nearly identical to the G6.

Good luck deciding, and don't rush. Also, heres' a good site to check on any online retailer you're considering:


Cheers, Rafael

Got the camera and loving it so far! It does do weird things with purple and dark blue, turning them bright blue. But tweaking the settings can improve this a lot. And tweaking the settings is super easy and the camera gives you a preview of what the image will look like too!

There were some comments on the DPReview forums about the P600 having better image quality than the P700. You might want to check that out. I'll be sticking with the P700. - Rafael
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