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I just got the P505, whenever I insert an SD card into the camera it goes into a suspend mode and is totally inoperable until I remove the SD card. At which point the camera is functional again. I was able, however, to use the camera for a brief period when I first booted it up for the first time. I put in a Kingston 512MB card and took a couple of pictures and a video. Then I removed the card and put in a 60x ATP card at this point is when I started to get this strange behavior from the camera. Please, does anyone have an idea as to what may be causing this? Thanks for help.

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Are you saying that it does the same thing with both cards now?

IOW, are you saying it worked until you tried the ATP card, then it quit working withboth cards?

If only one card doesn't work, then it's probably a defective card (and I would probably not keep trying it, given your description, in case it's failing in a way that's shorting out something in the camera).

Are you sure the batttery is full charged? A weak battery can cause strange behavior.

If the batterycontacts are not making a good connection because of a bit of oxidation, this can problems, too. I'd remove it and reinsert it to make sure.

If so (battery full charged), and neither card works now, then it's possible that the camera is defective.

You may want to check your manual and see if their is a way to reset the camera back to factory defaults. You should see a RESET choice under the Setup menus.

Removing the battery overnight can sometimes force a full reset, too (something in the camera's internal memory could have gotten corrupted).


It wouldn't hurt to useall buttons,dials, etc., on the camera, too (just in case one is not making a good connection or stuck somewhere -- since they are not broken in good yet).

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