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Hi All,

I am planning to get a digital camera for a trip to Aust. I have 2 camera's in mind, Casio EX-P505and Panasonic DMC-FZ5

Can anyone meadvise on these 2 cameras. I mean, i know most of the specs already. I love the Casio for being small and sleek with a rotating LCD. But I have read reviews that the image produced by the Casio P505 is not the sharpest in it's class. I have downloaded a few photos and see them myself though. It appeared to have little noise and not as sharp as the Panasonic. On the other hand, the Panasonic FZ5 is bigger and more bulkier compared to the Casio P505. It also does not have a rotating LCD and it's smaller than the Casio's P505 LCD. Also I heard that the Panasonic do not have a manual focus. What is a manual focus? And is it necessary. Also, the Panasonic FZ5does not look as sleek and unique like the Caiso P505 (My own opinion) But one thing best about the Panasonic FZ5 is that it produces better image quality than the Casio. It appeared sharper and less noiser than the Casio P505.

One thing i like to know is, whether the Panasonic has a pop-up flash like the Casio. Also the Panasonic FZ5 appeared to have a larger lens. Is having a larger lens better than a smaller lens.

Can someonecompare both the Panasonic FZ5and Casio P505images and tellme whether I compared them correctly. That the Panasonic is much more superior than the Casio. Thank You!

So the question is, which is more important? Functionality like the Casio P505 or Photographic Qualities like the Panasonic FZ5. Of couse i'd like to have both of best worlds.

Please Advice~

Thanks you


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If you want small size and great zoom and most features for the buck look seriously at the Canon S1. It's only 3 megapixels but it's color and resolution sometimes compares favorably to 5 and even some 7 megapixel cameras because it has an excellent lens quality. It's only 3.9x3.2x2.6 and weighs small enough to carry around on an armband caseand takeeverywhere.

Visit Steves digicams and compare picture quality with cameras such as the panasonic you mentioned and the minolta Z5 with the Canon S1 and you will be surprised. Print them out on 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10 and it will surprise you even more!

Both thePanasonic and Casio P505 are much bigger cameras than the Canon S1. The Casio P505 does NOT have image stabilization (both the Canon S1 and Panasonic do but the panasonic only has 320x240 video and that stinks!!).

Or if you really want portability then consider the Casio EX-Z750 with nearly Casio P505 movie quality andbetter picture quality (7 megapixels). With 24X combined zoom it's often good enough which you can get nearly an equivalent 6x zoom out of it and still have comparable 4-5 megapixel print quality which is all the panasonic and Casio P505 have anyway.

I have both the Casio EX-Z750 and the Canon S1 and let me tell you they are both superb cameras!! You can use the Canon for action shots and far away and it's also an underwater camera with optional case (with remote control, PC control, full manual controls, etc, etc). But soon the S2 will blow it away!! Very soon! The Casio EX-Z750 is the BEST ultra compact on the market today! By far!
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