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Okay I finally got my gallery website back up after days of messing with it. My original gallery crashed and whenI tried updating it (been years) that wouldn't install so I had to reinstall the old galleryversion 1.4 (freeware you can use at this link: http://gallery.menalto.com).Of course that had problems too but at least I found workarounds and it seems to be working just fine.

I then created some various photo series and movies using some of the EX-750 camera functions such as AUTO, MANUAL and BEST SHOT modes. I also tried to do a little variation in zooming (see photo zoom series) in indoors and outdoors to get an idea what camera is capable of before too much noise sets in.

I also included Casio Web site photos and movies for comparison to save users time in linking to other sites.

Unfortunately the weather in Denver su..ed this week (snowed 24" where I live) so it's way too cold to do to much at this time!

Gallery USER Tips:

Migrate using icons and/or links.

Click on a photo thumbnail opens upa 640x480 resized image of the original and displays the EXIF data (below pic).

Clicking on the 640x480 image downloads the original picture (which will also show the EXIF data below it).

The Gallery can also display any photos as a slideshow (on resized images only)

Beware all were taken at highest settings and are 4-5 megabytefiles so you should have at least DSL before attempting to view the origial pictures or movies.

Clicking on a movie thumbnail wll open up the movie in your default movie viewer (I use Windows Meda Player 9.0 which works well with the .AVI files). Beware some are over 20 megabytes and will take quite a while to download to view.

Some of the pics are kinda dumb but I'm just an amateur userso it should be more representative of the pictures you might obtain yourself (I'm sure pros can do much better!). In addtion most of my family is out of town so not many around for portrait shots (except family pets!).

The Casio does seem to work very well in my opinion. Shaking is a problem sometimes but using one of the action or "anit-shakes" BEST SHOT modes works pretty well.

I am definitely happy with it and keeping it (two of them: hs/hers).

Oh yeah, here is the link:


Have fun!

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Nice work on the gallerys wowlfie, thanks!

Confirmed my original opinion on the image quality...less than breathtaking. Lots of purple fringing, strong overprocessed paintbrush effect in many of the pictures and somewhat blurry and dark corners (though I've seen worse).

Videos are nice though. All we need now are optical image stabilization and optical zoom in movie mode and you can just about leave your camcorder at home.
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