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I have owned and loved Casio Digital cameras since the QV7000-SX.I currently own a QVR-51, which is an AWSOME camera, as far as image quality, speed, and battery life.

All the user reviews of the EX-Z750 so far seem awsome, so I went to Wolf Camera and tried the camera out in person.

It's half-as-thick as my current camera, but what concerned me was when I took a test image with the camera using my memory card, and took the same image using my current QVR-51.
(Both using "snapshot" with all other settings the same)

When I got home and compared the images, the image from the Z750 is a 7MB resolution, but the actual file is 10KB smaller then the 5MB image.

Side by side, both at full res I can't tell much difference between the two. The Z750 image was great, but I didn't feel that it was any better then the image from my QVR-51

I sized both images down to 1280x960, and both image are identical as far as I can tell.

Besides using more compression, I am not convinced that this camera is taking a better picture then I have now.
Should not the file size of a 7MB image be large then my current 5MB camera?

I still think it's an awsome camera, and I may purchase it just for the movie mode and thin profile.

On the other hand Pentax and a few others have managed to pack 5x optical zoom lens's into ultra-compacts and I think I may wait till the next model from Casio.

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Oh heck wait a couple years and get 10x optical, OIS, 15-20 megapixels, 1000 shots per battery charge, 8 GB flash memory, 1024 movie resolution..... you get the picture?

Or just wait till tomorrow and something better will come along. Come to think of it it already did today when Olympus announced the 800 compact with 8 megapixels, etc.

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I noticed that after I purchased my Z750 that the default setting for photos was at "Normal" instead of "Fine". Go back and check the settings. That might explain the file size.

By the way, it really is a great camera. I love its video recording feature. Just awesome!
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The Olympus seems to have some good features, but compared to the Casio Z750 it is HUGE. Olympus is about 50% larger and heavier

Olympus Casio

Width 103mm 89mm

Height 57.5mm 58.5mm

Thickness 33mm 22.4mm

Weight 181g 127g
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