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Hi guys these questions are actually noob questions (I know) . However will some of the experts shed some lights on it ? Thanks .

1. I noticed that when I switch off the power adapter I can still use the USB and PHOTO button on the cradle. So what exactly does the AC adapter does ? Just recharging the battery ?

2. When will the cradle recharge the battery ? Everytime when the camera is put onto the cradle ? Or when the battery is becoming low ?

3. Is it okay (or recommended) to leave the AC Power adapter on 24/7, and have the camera sit on the cradle 24/7 when not in use ? Or we should only turn on the power when we want to recharge the battery.

4. When we have done with the computer (Windows XP particularly), do we just press the USB button to turn it off, or we will have to do the 'safely remove device' at the windows task bar as well ?

5. Is it okay to recharge the battery everytime we have a little use on it ? or it's better to recharge it only when the battery is low (that's provided the cradle will recharge the battery everytime the camera is sitting on it, refer to question 1)

Stupid questions ... but I would really like to know .

Thanks ~~!!!
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I think someone from Casio would have to answer these questions officially to ensure you have the right answer.

The below applies to the Z750 but would have thought the Z57 to be the same.

1) The AC Adapter is there primarily to recharge the battery. However, it does this in parallel with the USB/Photo button functionality. From my understanding therefore, it will effectively power the camera as well when connected (i.e if you left it on slideshow for 24 hours, it would not run out of juice)

2) From my experience it recharges as it needs to. I have noticed that after I play around with the photo button, the charge light comes on itself without me removing the camera from the dock.

3) The camera stops charging when it is full. You cannot damage it with overcharging. However, do consider that a battery is only good for a certain number of recharges. I am unsure about continual small top-ups reducing the eventual life of the battery. The AC adapter should be fine to be left on at all times although check the user guide for liability restrictions. (i.e Casio recommend removing the adapter when not in use to avoid legal action should a fire start when unattended etc).

4) You just press the USB button to turn it off. XP will report a complaint onscreen if it is unhappy about a device disconnecting. With the Casio, I have seen no such error, so I believe there is no need for anthing more.

5) The battery is lithium and therefore does not suffer from memory effects. Additionally, a lithium battery should never be left to empty completely. As mentioned in point 3 above, I am unsure of the life expectancy of a battery with many little top-ups, vs less full charges.

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Thank you jonstatt I think your answers are pretty convincing.

Though could someone else further justify wheter or not to leave the AC adapter on all the time and having the camera sits on the dock. Will the battery suffer from this ?

Thanks .
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Have a look at this site:*http://www.batteryuniversity.com/parttwo-34.htm* for information about care of any and all Lithium Ion batteries. Leaving the camera in the cradle is the BEST thing you can do for the battery, and will prolong its life.
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