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Hi all,

I'm considering buying an ultra compact digital camera, and i like the look of the two casio models S100 and Z30. Both are 3MP models, and seem to be very similar in just about every way! The only differences I can find are the size (s100 = 17mm deep, z30 = 23mm deep), and the type of lens (s100 has a ceramic lens). The 6mm difference in size really isn't an issue, but i'm unsure what the two different types of lenses are for.

The main reason i'm buying the camera will be for parties-mainly indoor shots using the flash. Also general holiday snaps, but nothing too fancy! My main concern is which one will give the best results indoors with low light (using the flash).

The price of each camera is: S100 - £153, Z30 (refurbished) - £109

Can any one offer me any advise on which model might be best for me? Also, what is the effect of the ceramic lens?

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I have the S100 and the Z750, which is about the same size as the Z30.

There is a huge difference in appearence, feel and look between the two cameras. 7mm dosnt sound much - but trust me its a huge difference, especialy if you carry the camera in your shirt pocket.

I dont know about the optics - the S100 have served me well - look at my photos at:


The small optics in the S100 means the camera needs light to take good pictures. If you use flash - this partly eliminates this problem. The S100 is very slim and smal, so is the battery. It takes more time to recover after a shot with flash than with Z750.

If size is not an issue I would in your case go for a medium sized camera with larger optics and more heavy flash - not a ultra compact camera.

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