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I got the following answer to a question at Casio support team - perhaps its usefull for other Z750 users:

"The microphone of the camera is very sensitive and therefore it might pick up
some extra sounds.

We suggest to use the infinity zooming (symbol is like an 8, horizontal) or the
Pan Focus (page 78 from the instruction manual in the CD-Rom. This ones
deactivate the auto focus and you will reduce (or will not have) the noises in
the movie."

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Unfortunately, if you're talking about reducing wind noise, I am not able to replicate this on my Z750. The only noise that is "eliminated" is the auto focus noise, simply because the lens does not need to focus at all when it is set to infinity or pan.Any background noise such as that caused by a breeze blowingisjust as loud on playbackwhen a video is recorded ininfinity or pan focus as it is when the focus is set to autofocus. Perhaps this is what Casio was talking about when they told you this. They will need to answer. I don't know.

I thinkat Casio theyhave several "levels" of support. No doubt they try to do their best and some support techs are better than others. I am not impressed so far and I am getting less and lessimpressedthe more I hear. I am guessing some of them did not spend too long in training or in learningtheadvanced detailsof any oneparticular camera.

BTW, there is one user who calls himself "Casio Support Tech" on this forum. I am not sure if I have been able to independently verify as true anything he has said on the forum yet. I would be very suprised ifthis individualhas anything to do with Casio. I hope not.
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