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Here's my recommendation. First get VirtualDub ready to open the M4S2 video files, description see here: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...m_id=14&page=6

Open the first file in VirtualDub, then add the second file and so on with File -> Append segment until your movie is complete. Now you can erase bad scenes by scrolling to the beginning of the unwanted passage, setting mark in, scrolling to the end of the passage, setting mark out, and then simply pressing the DEL key. With other programs, you would have a nuisance: MPEG-4 decodes rather slowly, so scrolling lags. By pressing the SHIFT key, you can scroll through key frames only which will work much more fluently.

Quality adjustment:
Go to video -> filters. Some of the filters must be downloaded separately from the web.

That's what I use:
- decrease contrast, increase brightness (sometimes)
- decrease saturation (sometimes)
- resize (precise bicubic) to 584x438 because 640x480 is a bit unsharp anyway
- very recommendable: MSU smart sharpen -> small overall

Filter settings can be saved so you don't have to set them each time. Choose File -> Save processing settings. Note that all mentioned filters applied will about double the encoding time.

Save in new format:
Video -> Compression. I'm using divx or xvid since my DVD player can playback both. Xvid with a quality setting of 4.00 will deliver a good quality at around 2-3 Mbit/s. (Quality based encoding is preferrable to a fixed data rate)

Then File -> Save.

Here's how the final movie can look:
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