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Any idea when the Kodak V550 is going to be tested and reviewed
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To be fair to both cameras, the Z750 is strongest in picture mode. 7MP, loads of automatic and manual settings. And the Z750 has proved performence, the V550 is not even reviewd yet.

The V550 seems to be a tiny bit better in video mode if the anti-shake function realy works. I dont think it can use optical zoom while filming, else they would have written this with bold letters in the marketing material.

I think the Z750 is more userfriendly with the mechanical mode selector. On the V550 you have to look for the right button to press on top of the camera, buttons looks very small to hit.

Overall, perhaps the Z750 is still the top camera today - Im very happy with this camera :|
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I understand that both of these have the same CCD.

I downloaded the same pic Steve has for both the SD500 and the Z750 and loaded both into photoshop.

You can instantly see the difference, the Z750 is much more saturated and the SD500 much less so, and has much more blue in the picture.

I ran both pics through Neat Image, lowered the saturation on the Z750 a little and dropped the blue content of the SD500. Now they both looked very similiar (obviously taken on different days, and different times of day by the shadows) and both very good pictures. I did think that the foliage in the background hada little more detail in the Z750 and the SD500a little smoother (Maybe the Z750 needs the sharpening set to -1 as I have seen in a few posts) and a little less picture noise.

Basic picture performance, there is so little between the Z750 and the SD500 that the choice has to come down to features. Being a fan of both manufacturers (QV4000 replaced with an IXUS/S400), I was disappointed that the SD500 doesn't seem to have many more features than the IXUS400. This is why I have a Z750 on order :-)

I really don't think that picture noise, saturation, sharpness etc is such a show stopper these days where there is such superb software out there to easily alter any image to how you like it. I'm a big fan of Neat Image - It does an excelent job of getting rid of picture noise. I couldn't get on with Noise Ninja.

Will post a few piccies when I have had chance to play a little.

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Pictures shot with two different cameras will mostly appear quite different, but which has the best quality, how do you measure quality ?

It takes very little to change exposure and the picture appearence, only if the photo is taken at the same spot and the same moment, you can be sure that the conditions are met for a comparison.

Further, in modern cameras exposure etc. are set by software, and not some mechanical settings, so the final picture can very well change in appearence if you move the camera just a tiny bit.

Look at below link - in one case the Z750 completly under exposes, and the next it is correctly exposed.

I aggree on picture quality is so close now - I also focus on camera features. Only if the camera specificaly gets bad reviews on picture quality I take attention.

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viking7 wrote:
Im sorry to rule out the wonderfull SD500, it must be terrible for you. Its not only because of MPEG4, also LCD size, docking station, shutter lag, 4-5mm thicker, SD driver problem, no or few manual settings .......

If you cant see that the Z750 and the new Kodak V550 outperforms the SD500 on almost any spec, then please examine carefuly the specs of the cameras.

Many die hard Canon fans seems to have difficult to accept that Canon is not on the top 3 list any more. Take for example docking station - Canon users still have to plug the tiny USB plug into the camera every time you want to download pictures to the PC, and still have to pull out the batteries to charge in a seperate charger - old fashion.

I am not a die hard Canon fan. I am a Casio Z750 owner.

The original poster specifically stated that he/she had no interest in manual controls, just great looking photos.

Unlike you many camera owners prefer to take pictures with their cameras not use them in a specification battle. When people come on here to ask advice I would rather offer them some impartial advice rather than use it as an opportunity to justify my own choice of camera.

Some Casio fans seem to take critisism of their camera as a personal insult. It's absolutley ludicrous to suggest that the Casio is better than Canon in every respect, it is better in most areas in my opinion, but in the few where it is not I would rather help a prospective buyer by pointing out these downsides so they can make the right purchase.

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