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someone kind enough to help me out here..pls

My EX-Z4 had been working perfectly fine during my trip the past week. however, on the day i left, the camera suddenly wasn't able to load the picture files in "PLAY" mode, the screen just froze at the last picture. and if i switch to "REC" mode, it says "Memory Full" but i still had >200 pictures of memory left in the card for sure, there was no way it was full. anyway the cam was just really slow in turning on/off, and just froze if I scan thru for about 10 pictures. when I came home my PC couldn't even access the memory card anymore, the message says "unable to access the drive". I tired taking out the memory card and the camera worked fine again.

whats the problem here? can i fix it without losing the pictures on the memory card? The only reason of this that i can think of, is that just before it malfunctioned, i had been looking at the pictures many times. but i didn't drop the camera or anything, never took out the memory card or battery either.

i don't know anything about digicams...i hope it can be fixed. thanks.
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There are some recovery programs that may allow you to pull the images off the card. Often it is only one corupted image that causes problems. That image may be gone. You might then be able to reformat the card and go about your business. I would think about pitching the card, as they are cheap. You know what they say fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. That said the SD cards are normally fairly reliable. I have even sent one thru the wash and dryer with no ill effects. So you might be ok after reformatting (in camera). What brand of card is it? I beleave Scandisk and perhaps some others may have free recovery programs. I am sure there are services that can recover the files, I know there are for hard drives. The services are very expensive but can normally get everythig off the card or disk.
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