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I just purchased the Casio EX-Z750. Love the camera but hate the software. It is really useless! Can anyone recommend software that I can purchase that would be helpful in downloading the pictures from the camera and organizing them? Thanks
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Search google ... "picasa 2". Free & very neat!

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I don't like to use any program for downloads. I just navigate to the camera in Windows Explorer and copy/paste them to a folder with the date and a rough identification for a file name. You can then import them into an organization program.

I have ACDSee, Picassa, Thumbs Plus, MyAlbum and the starter Photoshop Album. I still haven't found anything better for sorting photos than Irfanview thumbnails. You can make the thumbs any size you want up to 300 X 300 pixels for easy sorting and viewing. You can select a bunch and send them to a particular sub-folder. Batch rotate, batch resize, make html albums and slideshows. You can make the thumbs large enough to make decisions about deleting bad ones without having to go to a full sized image.

If you have the patience to title photos with comments and keywords, dedicated programs make them much easier to find. I do better titling folders and sub-folders to include dates. Some photos get sent to more than one sub-folder. I can find images pretty fast and the sorting workflow is much faster. I do use the batch rename from Irfanview thumbnails sometimes to sort within a sub-folder.

Another thing Irfanview lets you do is make a html album with just the large thumbnails to keep on the computer when you write 680Mb worth to a CD. I put the html thumbnail album in a folder named the same as the CD so I can sort through in the computer rather than having to play the CDs. When I put a CD full of images in the drive I open one in Irfanview, then go File>Thumbnails. I get thumbnails of the entire CD and can open any one with the thumbnail. I can also transfer selected ones more easily to the computer with the large thumbnails.

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I think to get a real good sw to manage pictures you have to buy one.

Canon have one which comes with their cameras, but it kept crashing all the time and was a realy trash software, so now I use Irfanview to edit and see the pictures.

Also tried the Adope free download, nice but you cant edit the pictures.

Still looking around for the right package to use.
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I tried the Adobe Photoshop Album download and then bought the program and have been using it for 6 months. Speed and functionality are very good on my PC (There are about 2000 scanned images and 1400 Casio Pro600 images plus a few video clips).

I used to use Paintshop Pro 7 for editing but now rely on Photoshop Album for the basics of cropping, contrast and red-eye. Editing in Paintshop Pro lost the original metadata whereas Photshop Album keeps the original image but shows an edited copy with metadata (adding "_edited" to the filename).

The "tagging" function makes sorting and retrieval very easy. and the back-up allows me to back-up and then restore easily to another copy of Photoshop Album on alaptop on my network - the scanning of old negatives was months of work, andtoo many hard disks have gone bang in the past!

It is also very easy to export images as slideshows, Acrobat format albums, etc. You can also have multiple catalogues - I keep experimental and comparison pictures in a separate catalogue.
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