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Been reading and some people and reviews recommend editing some of the options on this Casio EX-Z750 to produce better results.

So whats the best settings for the best quality in videos, pictures etc?
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Pictures – snapshot mode
Movies – anything but movie best shot.

If I am lucky enough to be able to see the LCD clearly I use the histogram and EV corrections to keep from blowing highlights. The sun is usually shining here so I mostly use spot metering and take a few shots metered on different parts of the image. It is a little more of a challenge with the Z750 as there is no spot metering target in the viewfinder.

If you have plenty of light the sports mode would be appropriate for action shots. There are several best shot modes that give the same fast shutter speed. Portrait would be handier if they didn't mess with the flesh tones and focus mode. Your best bet for portraits would be to use aperture priority and set the lowest f-stop available for the zoom IMO.

The Chinese cameras didn't seem to come with the default sharpening, saturation and contrast set quite as high. I don't know whether the firmware update improved that. I tend to shoot at low sharpening and contrast on all of my cameras to get the least artifacts and widest dynamic range. But they have to be run through post processing to look decent. If you aren't into post processing, mess with the sharpening, contrast and saturation to get images that are pleasing to you. Most people used -1 for all of those on the Jap models before the firmware update – I don't know whether that is still appropriate after the update.

For movies I mostly use past movie or movie mode with no corrections. It seems to work well in most situations. You can use the EV correction in movie mode if they seem a little too bright or dim, but I've generally been pleased with the movies at default settings. One small problem with past movie is that you get the shutter click 5 seconds into the movie where it is a lot harder to edit out.

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It would be easier to answer the question, "How have you managed so far to produce a bad result?" After 2 weeks and a couple of gigs of photos as well as a couple of gigs of videos, it has not been tooeasy to get a bad exposure. The camera still can't quitethink like a person. Backlit shots, for example,will still produce silhouette effects if you don't select the best shot"Backlit" or make manual adjustments such as turning on fill flash or adding increments of exposure. There is stilla limit on how close you can focus in macro modewhich decreases in the telephoto setting, although macro focusturns on as needed when you forget. An area any smaller than, say,thelarge side of amatch box, will not be able to fill the frame and still remain in focus. I had trouble oncetaking a closeup of aflower indoors against a brightly litwindow even with flash turned on. The flash failed to throttle-down accurately in that particular scenario. Unlike in 35 mm photography where you may use bounce flash. for example, youoften seem to be better off avoiding flash entirely in some brighly litsettings with digital cameras, especially in macro mode withreflective surfaces involved. There may be a limit on whatthe flash can see. I bought theEX-Z750 for its high quality video as well as 7.2 mp imager. I tend to use the maxqualitysettings all the time because it's so fast. I have been using the best shot modes so far most of the time. I haven'tfelt the need for aperture or shutter priority up to now, but it's nice to know it's there if Ineed or wantto change the results I am getting as to blur the background intentionally or to avoid blur in sports. I turn digital zoom off all the time to keep resolutionat maximum, although it can be used in movie mode if needed. Like most cameras, the results so far have been most dramatic with brightly coloured backgrounds and moving in close on your subjects. Head and shoulder snapshots and, especially videos, ofchildren are awesome in high res at fine setting.
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