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Have any of you guys noticed this in your EX-Z750s?

It always happens when your recording and AUTOFOCUS is ON. As your moving around and the lens focuses continuously yousee a faint stutter in the video and noise in sound.

This is very noticeable when your playing it back. It seems to do this in any mode that allows focusing of some sort. MANUAL focus, PAN etc doesnt do it.

Any solutions to this?

Does yours do this too?
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Yes, video from my Z750 has noiseduringauto focusing. The noise sounds sort of likeclicking. The latest firmware (v1.01) appears to fix the additional whine that used to accompany all videos on my camera. However, no fix for the auto focus noise.

I played around with the various focus typesin video mode on my camera. The Pan Focus produces very good results without the extra noise and without thedistortion that occurs while the auto focus is re-focusing.

Perhaps there is a good use for auto focus during video, I just haven't found it yet.
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