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I just purchased a Casio ex-z750. The problem is (Potentially) however, is thatupon taking a boxed (new) model home I noted that when zooming the lens in and out, the bottem right portion of the LCD has a blue halo which seems to appear. As soon as zooming stops and the lens arrives at your set zoom level, the color is gone. The halo almost seems like some off-screen light source (maybe used for zooming or focusing?) or like someone is pushing the LCD off-screen and the colors are bleeding onto the visible portion of the screen.

My additional obersvationsare (probably normal):

1. Since the camera is so small, I have noted that the LCD is effected by the lens mechinisim moving in and out as the direct barrle of the lens causes the LCD to ripple as it closes (Like someone pushing on an LCD, except from behind the screen).

2. Lens moves much faster than previous casio models, but previous ones still have the same issue as above (Seems like a normal occurance).

My questions are:

1. Does anyone else experience or see this?

2. Is this color change while the lens zooms normal?

3. Is this indeed an LCD problem or is the LCD simply reproducing what the lens sees?

4. Since there is no way (or reason) to record while zooming, should I even care? Or should I still try for an exchange for one with no problem?

Any expert advice would be really appreciated,
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Mine doesn't do that. The LCD is normal during zooming.

Someone else had a similar problem but in the center I think when the lens retracted in view mode. The general consensus was that something was pressing against the LCD momentarily.

I think I would exchange it if you bought it locally. It could possibly eventually cause problems. There is a good chance it won't cause problems, but why take a chance?

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just check mine doesnt do that either
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