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Has anyone had this problem with their p600, after only 2 days I noticed that when the lens was retracting it was jerking slightly , I thought it might free itself but it hasn't, I first noticed it as I was watching it retracting looking directly into the lens, in effect with the camera flat on its back. I tried the camera in various positions and found that when holding it in the normal pic taking position ie. vertically it didn't do it.

I live in the UK, I live in the UK so contacted Casio UK to ask their advice, I was worried that it might get worse. I was told that it must have been mishandled or damaged in some way and that there was no possibility that the camera had left the factory in this condition, this is before they have the opportunity to examine the camera.

The camera has a full years warranty which appears to be worth nothingthey are saying that it might need a new lens assembly at a cost of £90. I was under the impression that you had a warranty and thatthis covered repairs.

I am a person of mature years and not in the habit of mistreating my possessions,
the camera has not been damaged in any way and am very angry at Casio's response.

The retailer is also upset with Casio because of their suggestion that the camera may have been a display model which my dealer vehemently denies and they plan to take it futher with Casio.

It really is a shame because I love the camera and would have accepted a replacement but the retailer says they cannot get any more supplies as the model has been discontinued

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first of all - I don´t think the P600 has been discontinued - you can still buy it everywhere here and it is still listed active on:


Secondly: A slight rocking left-right - along with some noise seems normal for the P600, mine does it as well. Also if extended the lens feels a bit "loose" and you can move it around a bit.

It has been like this with my camera since the beginning (I have it about 1.5 years now) and I never had any problems with it. It was reported by several others so it seems like it has to be like this.

So I would just ignore it - regards - MacSass

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Thanks MacSass for your information, I didn't want to get stuck with dud . The lens is really jerking as it retracts and I am worried, if you have the same happening with yours I will have another look at it. Regarding the my comment that it has been discontinued I am going on what the retailer told me, they said they couldn't get any more.

Thanks for the help!

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