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Hey guys,

After having experienced several Casio ex-z750 cameras, I believe I have found out a good set of tests/methods that can be used to identify if your camera is defective, or potentially may become defective in the future. I hope this helps anyone who has the camera, or is interested in getting one.

1. Check for LCD color bleeding. It seems at the bottom right side of the screen; the LCD colors/light will bleed when zooming in or out. This is normal, however under regular lighting you should not be able to see this. When pointing the camera at a pitch-black room, you should see a faint light blue halo as you zoom. If you get a bright red halo which can be seen even during normal daylight operation, your LCD is defective.

2. Check for Lens problems. People's reports regarding lens errors varies, however it all seems to come down to if the camera was misused or not. The lens will stop if anything is blocking it and will report "Lens Error". However, if someone forced it too hard, the gears/motor controlling "zoom" stages can be damaged. People who buy a camera that came with the lens error, probably got a camera which has been opened and returned. To check if your Lens has any "zoom" stage problems, zoom the camera in and out. If any of the stages of the lens mechanism is slipping or is broken, you will hear a clicking noise (Much louder than expected, usually in only 1 direction) when placing your ear close to it. Please note, this noise is not the same as the motor operation and is very visible. If your Lens has this sound, place your fingers lightly on the lens as it extends or collapses during zoom. If the stage mechanism is faulty, it will click and jump stages rather than move in and out smoothly.

3. Check for CCD sensor errors. For some reason or another, it is possible to get hot pixels, stuck pixels, or dead CCD pixels quite often on the Casio ex-z750 (probably in part do to the huge MP count). These stuck pixels are not normal as they appear even at ISO100. This results in pictures that always appear to have dust spots on them even during regular lit shots. To check for CCD sensor problems, set your camera to manual setting and choose: ISO 100, 1/8 shutter speed, and manually configure your white-balance. Point your camera into a totally dark room and view the results of your picture on a computer. If you zoom and find any white dots or specs in the totally black image, you have a bad CCD sensor pixel. It should be quite apparent what is a dead CCD pixel and what is just noise (If you get any at ISO 100). Most people I've talked to agree, 2 hot CCD pixels at ISO 100 is unacceptable and you shouldn't have to accept it.

4. Check if your camera was used. Aside from the Lens test, by looking for Casio decals you can usually tell if a camera was opened/returned. If your camera is new, you should have a 3xoptical zoom sticker, and a Casio battery life sticker decal fixed to your camera. If these are missing, most likely someone used the camera and removed them, but later decided to return the unit, as-is. In most cases, provided there is no physical damage, stores will just check the package/repackage the product and place it back on the shelf. This could be one reason why so many people have lens errors right out of the box. While no physical errors are present, who knows how well the previous owner handled or cared for their camera? Especially when they plan to return it!

Anyway, if you have any of these above problems I strongly suggest you return your camera for a new one. I have had to replace several Casio cameras before I found one without these problems. As always, your results may vary, but I just wanted to share my results, as they may be helpful for anyone who's scratching their heads and is not an expert.

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to add to this everything is in sealed plastic as well if it has been used then the plastic cannot be opened easily , i had one with plastic torn and returned it , actually nothing was wrong with the camera that was torn so the clerk gave me 40 bucks off to keeep it so i did lol i also did all the things u just described so i think i am one of the lucky ones
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They are not sealed boxes over here in the UK, thanks for the advice ive done your tests and mine is fine
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