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I was all set to purchase this little gem of a camera (after reading the various reviews floating around) , but now I'm not so sure. The lens error issue is my main concern - I'm going backpacking shortly and don't want the hassle (and possibly expense) of having to get the thing fixed.

I'm starting this post to try to identify the true extent of this issue and to give myself some confidence in purchasing this camera. I've read the various posts off the "casio tech guy" but it's still no clearer to me as to whether this is:

1. A build quality issue
2. Caused largely by the use of high speed memory cards.
3. Human Error.

I'd be grateful if anybody whose had this error and has been using " standard" memory cards could post here, also I'd like to ask the casio tech guy whether this issue is something that is being addressed within casio?

Any help, greatly appreciated. [img]images/emoticons/icon_lol.gif[/img]

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I've bought this cam on 22 Aug. Then I found 1 dead pixel on the LCD (not CCD), so I got an exchange the next day. Until now, everything is fine. I'm happy. So I'll suggest, buy Z750 2 weeks before you go for vacation. Try using the cam as much as possible under normal use (not to tress test it but abusing it) so to find if there is any problem you need to get an exchange.

However, my suggestion applys only if you're at a convenience location where you can get an exchange easy and fast. I live in Hong Kong, so everything is convinence. I bought from a large electronic chain store so I'm sure I'll be able to reach their many location within an hour, and I'm sure that get plenty of stock in case I need an exchange.

If this is the only camera you have, buy 1 of those "camera with film" type cheap camera manufactured by Fujifilm or Kodak just for contingency.
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Had mine over a month no problems whatsoever, using a 66x high speed card
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The lens opens quickly and if it is restricted it can develop a lens error. I don't think it is fair to consider it user error. The camera was made to be carried in a pocket, purse or pouch. If I hadn't consulted the discussion boards at Steve's and dpreview I would likely have made the mistake myself. By having a selectable auto-on feature it appears that Casio must have been oblivious to the problem when they released the camera.

If you carry it with the mode dial in audio record the lens won't extend if the camera is accidentally turned on. Snapshot mode is the only one in red and fairly easy to select quickly.

If you read posts here and at dpreview there doesn't seem to be any correlation between card speed and developing a lens error if you restrict the extension of the lens.

Most problems with lens errors occur after the error is cleared. But there is one post by someone on the Casio forum here that is having resolution problems and says the camera has never been in his pocket or a pouch. It might not be a bad idea to find a good price locally at a store that has a good exchange policy.

I love the camera and haven't had any problems for 3 months now. I do carry it in audio record. I use a Sandisk Ultra II 66X card. I ran some comparison tests using a standard Sandisk card from my Palm Tungsten and it appears you take a pretty good cycle time hit with the slower cards.

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My cam has come on in my pocket and also the lens was blocked by my hand more than a few times, giving a lens error. When this happens the screen displays "LENS ERROR" and the lens automatically retracts and the cam shuts off. I am sitting here puposely blocking the lens and the same thing happens again and again; it shows lens error and retracts the lens then shuts down. Next, I turn the cam on and it comes on normally. I do notworry when it may come on accidentlally in my pocket. I believe the cam is programmed to show "LENS ERROR" on the LCD display, retract the lensand then shut off as a safety measure IF the lens is blocked. There is nothing wrong when it does this, but I suppose there are some defective cameras out there that cause problems. My advice would be to try blocking the lens at least a few times while you can take it back to the store and exchange it. I personally would not wait until I could not return it and the cam permanently malfunctions the first time the lens is blocked. And believe me there will be a time the lens will be blocked. If all goes well as I have described you should not have any future problems. One thing I notice though, before the firmware update the cam gave the lens error even under a little pressure to block the lens. After the update the lens continues to push strongly against my hand when blocked before giving the lens error IMHO.
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