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Hello Guys,

I had read about the lens retracting problem of Casio Exilim Z750 at kenrockwell.com and elsewhere before I bought it. Also at user forums I had read about the Z750 malfunctioning. Heedless of these (ominous) cues I went and bought it on July 18th 2005 assuring myself that it is a Casio anyway.
Even though I was not quite satisfied with the sharpness of photos of Z750 compared to that of my earlier Sony DSC P72, yet I assured myself that it must probably be because of my lack of experience in using Z750's features.

Some days ago I took about 100 fotos under mixed (fluorescent and tungsten) lighting. At the end of which I took some more under fluorescent lighting alone and found horizontal lines in the last fotos. It was visible in the LCD itself even without zooming. The lines appeared worse on the computer monitor. In the manual it was mentioned that such a problem is likely under fluorescent lighting which has to do with white balancing which could be reset by shooting under a different lighting condition, like tungsten. Following which I took some more fotos under tungsten but didn't help. Next day also I took more fotos under daylight but by that time the camera developed another big problem. Fotos appeared overexposed or washed out. I tried various settings, set the menus to the default. Still no success. But Video is OK. I sent the camera on 18th of this month to the shop which sold me this. As I don't have another Camera I can't take any more pictures. I have already sold my Sony P72 unfortunately.
Now my advise is to buy only tried and tested products as far as possible and wait for at least some months after a product's launch before making a purchase unless it is very urgent. By that time prices are also likely to come down a lot.
Reviews of cameras can not say anything about the durability and malfunctioning of a camera in the long run or even in the short run.
If the Z750 were troublefree it would have been an excellent camera.
On 29th August 2005, I was informed that it's CCD was damaged and I would get it back after some more days. I was not told whether I would get it repaired or replaced.
It was because of the damaged CCD that Casio's photos appeared less sharp than my earlier Sony P72.
I am still waiting for its return....

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