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Ok, I've looked EVERYWHERE for this problem, and no luck.

I've always been careful about the lens since I've read stories about this error business. But eventually, the camera stopped zooming at around 40 45 cm, or like 80% zoom....typical. So I just turn it on and off, and do the repeated zoom thing. The zoom startsand stops working randomly, at the same time I'm pretty sure I hear clicking noises, or the grinding of gears from the zooming and extending of the lens. Then in a stroke of luck, everything works normally, no more zoom problem, no more odd noises. BUT...then I use the viewfinder. It's all messed up!!! The viewfinder doesn't match what I see in the LCD. When I turn on the cam while looking in the viewfinder, the viewfinder automatically zooms to full, and when I zoom, the viewfinder zooms backwards to a point and then starts zooming out again.I don't want to sound paranoid, but I think the focus is kinda messed up too now, not working to its best, but it may be just me.

So I'm pretty sure it's mechanical, but I'm SOOO tempted to just mash my hand against the lens when its turning on or to pull it when its turning off, to try and fix it, but I don't want to mess up the zoom again. It's working consistently without the "lens error" problem now.

Long post, I know...so for the lazy Cliff Notes: The viewfinder doesn't match what I'm seeing on the LCD (what I'm actually taking pics of).

It sounds confusing, but ANY help is appreciated. I've looked everywhere!
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The lens error on the EX-750 seems to be a very common. In a German digicam discussion forum on the EX-750 almost every second owner suffers this problem occasionally or permanently. Those people have sent it to Casio where it was either fixed or exchanged for free.

When you type "lens error casio 750" you will find also numerous English references to the problem.

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