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I thought my review of the Casio Z750 might be useful to other photographers considering this camera.

First, this review is coming from someone that shoots roughly 50 weddings per year. I own two Hasselblads, plus a Canon 10D and a 20D.

My wife and I were planning a trip to Hawaii and I was looking for a camera that could combine stills and video into one package. I've been on many vacations where I would bring both the 20D (Canon's digital SLR) with all the lenses and a Sony Handycam for the videos. It was always a hassle lugging it around and many times I would miss great photo opportunities because I would just leave the cameras in the hotel. I needed something that I could bring with me everywhere that could capture both stills and video.

The reviews from this forum convinced me to get the Casio Z750 (I thought about the S500 but finally opted for the 750).

Well I'm back from Hawaii and all I can say about the camera is: WOW! It's the best digital point and shoot camera that I've ever owned (and I've owned many). While it can't replace the 20D for professional use, it has no peers for all other uses.

I used a Canon Elf neckstrap and brought this camera everywhere we went. Tiny and light, I barely knew it was around my neck (but be careful with this long strap-it got caught on a dresser knob and caused the camera to bang against the dresser, putting a small dent on the top edge). This allowed me to get so many spur of the moment photos and videos that I would never have gotten with my other equipment. That's the beauty of having everything in one tiny package.

Still quality? Straight out of the camera with no touch up, outdoor images shot at 50 or 100 ISO look better than my 20D. I'm not saying the 750 is better than the 20D, I'm just saying that the 20D needs more post processing in photoshop. The 20D is far superior than the 750 in ISO's above 100.

Video quality? Very good. The video looks much better on TV then on a computer screen. The quality is not as good as a DV camcorder, but more than acceptable. My friend used his Sony DV cam on the trip and there was a noticeable difference when viewing his videos vs. mine. The 750 videos have a film-like look to it, but I don't mean that in a bad way.

Lens error? None. I used the recommendations mentioned in this forum and turned off the Play and Record buttons and set the dial to Microphone after shutting off the camera. Never had a lens error once (after 700 plus images). And I used a 2 gig Sandisk Ultra II card with no problem.

Battery? Ran forever. Never an issue. After shooting stills and videos all day, the worst drain on any given day only brought the battery level down one notch. Thought about getting a spare battery before the trip but glad I didn't.

Focusing. Every image tack sharp. Incredible. Read about the focusing issues with Canon digital SLR lenses on other forums.

I am truly amazed at the quality of both stills and video taken with this camera and the features of this camera are incredible. Using the Sunset mode (which uses a red filter) gave me the best Sunset pictures I've every taken. I was in Hawaii last year and brought my 10D. I spent a week trying to take a good sunset photo. My first sunset with the 750 blew away anything taken with the 10D! Scenic mode also punches up the colors a bit for a pleasing effect.

I used Memories on TV to produce my slideshow on DVD. This is where having videos in MPEG4 really shines. With a DV cam, it's very time consuming to get the videos converted to play on a DVD or get them into a slideshow that will play along with your still images. With the 750, you just drag them to where you want them and presto! I cannot tell you how awesome the images and videos look on a TV when played from this DVD slideshow. And for some reason, the videos appear sharper when played from the DVD than when played directly from the camera to the TV. I will probably use this camera for 90% of my videos going forward because of the good quality and ease of getting it onto a DVD. The remaining 10% for my DV cam will be for those times that I need to use a long zoom for my kid's activities or similar situations.

Conclusion: Great camera. Good for everyone. Enabled me to take the best vacation photos ever with no hassle and fast conversion to DVD slideshow viewing. Enjoy!
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great review. I just wondered what made you go with this over the S500?

I'm looking for a new camera, and right now, Ihave it down to between the Casio S500 and the Nikon S1.

there are soooooooooooo many options out there, I end up getting myself totally confused.


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You might want to consider a writeup for epinions. This certainly mirrors what Ken has already said about the predecessor.
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The main reason I went with the Z750 over the S500 was from what I read in this forum and Ken Rockwell's website. The Z750 has better image quality (although most people would not see the difference) and it also has more manual controls. However, I'm thinking about getting the S500 for my wife.

Also, I forgot to include my thoughts on the flash in my review. As everyone has said, it's a little weak for large group photos, but fine for distances less than 10 feet. Boost the ISO to 400 if you feel you need more power or "oomph".

My only disappointment was with the fill flash for outdoor photos. I thought the white balance left the subject's flesh tones a little cold. However, you can't have everything in a camera this size, and this camera does so much so well.
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