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Hello members;

I hope someone can help me make a decision. I am divided between the Casio s500 or the Casio z750. I really like the z750 because it has 7.2 MB and MPEG 4 but I heard so many horror stories such as the dreaded "Lens Error" message.

After reading so many horror stories I was leaning towards the s500 but almost all the reviews I have read says that it has soft images. This to say the least has disillutioned me to the say the least. I had recently purchased a Samsung U CA 5 digital camera and it is CRAP! Images are very soft even if with in camera sharpening set to max.

I definitely do not want to purchase a digital camera with soft images. Many things don't get me upset more than having a beautiful picture spoiled by softness. (Note: I know sharpening could be applied to images via editing programs, but I am not interested in going through that hassle)!

I really would like to hear from you my friendsthat have experience with the Casio s500. Is the "softness" issue real or is it a "bad" camera that reviewers such as CNET received for their test reviews.

In other words, is thethe "softness" issuean isolated incident or is it a "real" problem inherent in the Casio s500 cameras? Please respond as soon as you can since I really want to purchase the camera next week. Thank you for any help!


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i own the s500. the reason i bought it instead of z750 was the size. the other main factor was the "error"s on z750. i read alot of posts about problems(beside that lens error)with z750. that's why i stayed away.

for the softness you talking about. because this is my 1st digital camera. i really have nothing to compare. all i can help you is that to check out the pictures that i took. i took them with max resolution, but reduced to 1600x1200 with acdsee v8.0, because the file server only allow to upload 2 meg size picture.


see for yourself and i'll do my best to helpon any question for s500
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Old Sep 22, 2005, 9:37 AM   #3
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S500 easy...

does exactly what the Z750, and more

it has anti shake and the size alone should be the deciiding factor when it come to the two of them (well it was for me)
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Jeff at DCRP said this about the S500:
" If the Exilim EX-S500's photo quality was better I'd have no problem recommending it. However, it consistently disappointed me where other cameras do not. While it has a lot of potential, your money would be better spent on another camera."
"I was disappointed with the majority of the real world photos that I took with the EX-S500. While they're well exposed, with accurate color and low purple fringing levels, they have major noise and softness problems. Noise levels are above average in the entire photo, while the softness is mostly around the edges of the frame. While some photos were alright, the vast majority turned out poorly."

I think it has the same lens as was on the S100 with their transparent ceramic technology. The S100 was the only camera for which I have read a comment by Steve that the image quality was not very good. He didn't make the same comment about the S500, so maybe the lens was improved.

All that being said, you have to keep in mind that the reviewers are looking at a the image 100% where they have to scroll around the screen to see the whole thing. And corner and even edge softness doesn't detract from most images. If you have a good printer and some photo paper I would download a couple full sized test images and print them. Make up your own mind.

If you have a way to post a full sized image from your Samsung I would be curious to see what is going on with the pictures. Maybe the camera has a focus problem. Try depressing the shutter halfway and not taking the picture until the focus shows lock. You can force some cameras to shoot before they are focused.

The Z750 will not develop a lens error if you put the mode dial in audio record before putting it in your pocket or case. I would prefer to not do that, but I have found a side benefit in that I am more prone to reach for my camera rather than look for a pencil and paper if I have to make note of something. It becomes automatic after a while to just rotate the dial 3 clicks clockwise when you turn it on and it isn't a really big delay to get the camera in action.

The Z750 has an exceptional lens for a pocket camera IMO. If you look at the standard resolution tests at dpreview you will see that it has at least as high a resolution as any small 7Mp camera and better than most. Corner sharpness is good for a pocket camera. I really like mine but it is a minor hassle to put it in audio record to avoid the possibility of a lens error.

The default saturation and sharpening was set too high with the original models, but it is easy to adjust the settings. The new firmware corrects that and a new camera you buy will likely have that already installed rather than having to update it yourself.

I like having an optical viewfinder and manual settings if I want to use them. But if you are considering the S500 you obviously don't need either of those. The S500 is smaller and you don't have to mess with the mode dial to avoid lens errors. Take a look at the sample photos and preferably print them. It might work fine for your needs.

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only reason i bought my z750 is because its theonly current releaseultra compact digi that offers manual controls..
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Just remember to keep your fingers awayfrom the lens when

you turn on the camera!I have no problemsby doing this!

I always holdthe left side of the camerawith my thumb on

bottom and fore fingeron top and the other 3 fingers extended up!

I have been doing this since Z-3 (Casio's First zoom) days.

Works everytime!

Good Luck

JohnnyJT :lol:

South Philly

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Please check the features and review of Sony Cybershot DSC-T3. I had owned DSC P72 earlier and it delivered excellent pictures. Now they have 'Real Imaging Processor' which is faster, photos should be better. It has Video capability (30fps) but I dont know if it is MPEG 4, so please check. Check other 'Sony' Cameras,like P100, 200 , W5 and W7. But if you want fast successive shots, Z750 is the bet. I sold my P72 because it took more time for the flash to charge. Z750 is better in this matter.

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I want to sincerely thank everyone for all your valuable advice concerning the Casio z750. I think I will take a chance of getting a "defective" camera and go ahead with the Casio z750. One final suggestion--STAY AWAY FROM THE SAMSUNG CAMERAS--THEY SUCK!

Trust me, I am getting rid of mine and buying a Casio. Goodbye and thanks again.


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I bought a Z750 just about 3 weeks ago, and I'm delighted with it. For the first time I can produce very high quality images (vying wirh my OM-10 SLR) from something that will fit in my breast pocket (vying with my Rollei 35 and Olympus XA), with full control over exposure, etc.

The huge monitor, visible in dim daylight, is excellent, and I can read the menus without my spectacles. I have been hospitalized for 2 weeks, but able to escape temporarily for rambles & outings each day, and I've taken 335 shots of which I've kept 282 as my family slide show of what I've been up to.

I've had a bit of trouble with blown highlights (as usual with digicams), so I miss the exposure bracketing facility I had on my Casio QV-5700. There's no external flash sync socket (so you can't light your subjectimaginatively). Apart from these niggles I am very happy with the camera. My local camera shop where I bought it (http://www.wrexcam.com) test things rigorously before they recommend them. I haven't encountered the 'lens error' even though I've got my hand in the way several times when the lens has been extending.

Provided it lasts, this is close to my dream camera.

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