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Hello, Just bought an EX-Z750.....Wonderful pictures outside....Pictures inside taken about 3 to 6 feet away with the flash are blurry.....What am I doing wrong? Camera is set on snapshot and in auto mode all the way. I put the sharpness on +2 and that didn't help.....It's probably learning about the camera I'm sure, (I hope !) I studied real hard on soooooo many cameras and wound up paying just about $500.00 for this camera. I hope this wasn't poor judgement on my part.....My samsung420 camera was such a dream till it was dropped. Please help. Thankyou.

And my hands are kept steady so that is not the problem.


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Your sample picture is a tough shot to take. It looks like there isn't any ambient light. The camera needs some light and something to focus on before taking the picture.

When I downloaded your picture there was no metafile information about the exposure, aperture, shutter speed, focus distance, or camera mode. This probably means you changed something about the file and it lost that information. So I can't determine anything from what is not there.

With the ledge at the bottom that may have fooled the camera with so much reflection that the bottom is overexposed. On a tripod youprobably wouldhave gotten different results.

Don't give up. Experiment and practice a bit and be sure you understand the manual.

Bob W
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Thankyou Bob for trying for me.....I'm still trying....

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The flash on the camera is simply too weak to for the distance you chose. I have the Casio EX-Z40 and would not even attempt to take a picture in a dark room from over 9 ft away which appears about to be the distance between you and your subject here. Another problem is that the camera cannot focus in complete darkness due to lack of an assist beam. I'd suggest to closer ( why would you not anyway, rather than having two thirds of darkness on the left as you do?) or get a camera with a stronger flash. My other camera is the Panasonic FZ20 which has a stronger flash and a focus beam and would have captured this shot without problem (although its LCD does not "gain up" in low light which would be a problem in this situation).
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