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I am debating between the 2 and am planning to order something very soon. I keep going back and forth between these 2.

Does anyone know which one performs better in terms of shutter lag, shoot to shoot time and flash recycle time? I know the Casio does very well, but not sure about the Canon.

The mpeg4 video on this Casio is VERY appealing too, but I am very concerned about this Lens Error I read about. Is there alot of people still seeing this on their cameras?

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This is what Steve said about the SD550 speeds:

"The SD550 is quite the little performer. From power up until the first image captured took only 1.1 seconds! Shutter lag, the delay between depressing the shutter button and capturing an image, was almost instantaneous (less than 1/10 of a second) when pre-focused, and only 1/10 of a second including autofocus. In single image drive mode, the shot to shot delay averaged 1.2 seconds without flash, and at intervals of between 1.5 and 5 seconds with flash depending on subject distance."

And the Z750:

"Shooting performance was robust. From power up to first image captured averaged 1.8 seconds, which confirms Casio's claim of extremely fast start-up times. This is pretty amazing when you consider it has to extend the lens and boot up. The all important shutter lag is almost non-existent when pre-focused and only 1/10 of a second including autofocus. The shot-to-shot delay averaged just under 1.6 seconds without the use of the flash and 2.0 seconds with the flash."

I think they are close enough that you might consider other factors. Battery life is a little better on the Z750, but they are both excellent. The SD550 has a stronger flash – I think about the best flash on a pocket camera.

Other than the MPEG4 the advantage of the Z750 is the availability of manual exposure controls and manual focus. The control setup is excellent on the Z750. If you don't think you will use those the SD550 might be the better choice. Digital cameras are a good learning tool as you can take dozens of shots of the same scene experimenting with settings. That doesn't interest a lot of people though.

One nifty feature of the Z750 I like is the past movie mode. You aim the camera at the subject and wait for something worth filming to happen. When you press the record button it records the previous 5 seconds from the buffer and continues recording. So you don't have to grind away waiting for something to happen. That cuts down on the editing.

The Z750 will get about 4 times the best quality movies on a memory card of the same size. But I don't tend to take long movies with a digital camera anyway.

Someone who said he was from Casio claimed they were beefing up the gearing on the lens to avoid lens errors, but I don't know whether they have done it yet. If you carry the mode dial in the audio record mode the lens won't accidentally extend in your pocket and you won't develop a lens error. But if you don't intend using the manual features the SD550 would let you avoid that minor hassle.

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im still waiting on canon to have a ultra compact camera with manual settings. it seems that casio is the only current company that has manual setting in their ultra compact cameras. i take a lot of low light and night time shots and i dont really like using flash. having the ability to adjust the apeture or shutter speed helps a lot with me. i guess my z750 is one of the good batch i had never gotten a lens error.
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