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I been trying for ages to put mjpeg movies on a casio ex-m20, and im really close now, just cant make it work.

my main problem is:

Im using virtualdub to convert the video to mjpeg, and i tried all the different commercial mjpeg codecs, but none of them work.

and i cant the the free ones (ffdshow etc.) to show up in virtualdub, anybody know why? and microsoft is even supposed to have a builtin mjpeg codec.

so anybody got an idea for another converter program i can use or a way to get virtualdub to see the codecs?

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oki i managed to make a movie file that is virtually identical to the ones that the casio camera creates, but it still wont play it.

i made it according to these specifications:

Codec: Motion JPEG including Huffman Tables 'MJPG' <0x47504A4D>
fourcc: mjpg
Kilobits per second: 1059,682
Frames per second: 13,4165
Frame size: 320x240 pixels
Aspect ratio: 1,33
Frame proportion: 3x4
Effective bits per pixel: 1,028
Effective bits per frame 3x4: 79181
Video compression: 95,715%
Power of video compression: 23,3:1
Quality of video: 79181 eff.bits per frame 3x4
24 bit, 805 frm, 13,4165 frm/s, 1059,682 kbit/s
Audio Stream: Microsoft PCM Format <0x0001>, 8000 Hz, 8 bit, 64,000 kbit/s, Mono

anybody actually managed to get mjpeg working on a casio?

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Old Nov 16, 2006, 4:56 PM   #3
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Hi, I tried like forever too and none of those codecs worked. I figured out why!
The codec I used is : mjpeg, yuv420p 320x240 , 16 FPS , audio can be pcm_U8 8000Hz mono 64kb/sec.

The problem isn't with the audio, but the video as my camera can run off another audio codec: adpcm_ima_wav 11025 mono 44kb/sec.

The video has to be encoded on a casio exofilm with the video codec: mjpeg, yuvj420p 320x240 and around 15-16 frames per second.

See the difference yuv420p is what is available online for free and other places. We need yuvj420p. What is the difference? Does anyone know of a mjpeg codec that encodes in yuvj420p. I believe FFMPEG on linux might do so. Also I tested makayama 's program for camera's and it encodes in yuvj420p, but can't adjust the audio quality . I found this info. out by opening the files in Total Video Converter, which doesn't have the option for yuvj420p, but can read these files. Any help?
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The "makayama" program mentioned by ampaynz1is "Digital Camera Media Studio" and it is supposed to support the EX-M20. You can download a free trial at http://www.makayama.com/digitalcamera.html and/or read about it at http://www.letsgodigital.org/en/news...tory_7565.html
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