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I like to buy one of these cameras, but I hesitate due to the very short range of the flash.

The 750 has only 2.9m and the z120 2.2m - that nearly nothing!! What´s your experience with the flash?

In a magasin I tried the 1600iso function of the z120. There is so lot of noice on the picture, so that this mode makes really no sense - or what´s your experience wih this mode?

Thank you for your help.
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The Z750 has a flash assist which extends the flash out to a good 25 feet. It is more sophisticated than just increasing the ISO. If you are familiar with post processing it is similar to contrast masking or Shadow/Highlight in the newer versions of Photoshop. You do get an increase in noise though just as you do in post processing. But the noise doesn't seem to deteriorate the image as much and doesn't affect things that get better light from the flash as compared to the shotgun approach of cranking up the ISO. The Neat Image demo is considered freeware for personal use and does a good job if you wanted a larger blowup. For small prints or normal viewing, most shots taken with flash assist look good. I haven't checked but would guess the Z120 has it as well.

If you travel a lot some people find a separate charger and a spare set of NiMH batteries to be convenient. I have cameras with both types and prefer the proprietary lithium batteries in small cameras. The cameras can be made a little smaller and lighter. Lithium batteries don't have an appreciable self-discharge after the first day. You can pick up the camera after a month of sitting and the battery is still full strength. I also like the stand. You never have to remove the battery or card. It isn't that much larger than either of my two NiMH chargers for travel. I assume you have to consider the cost of a charger and batteries for the Z120 as alkalines aren't practical IMO. The battery on the Z750 will fill a 1 Gig card with power left over, so I haven't seen any reason for a spare.

The one quirk of the Z750 setup is that you have to use the stand to display images on your TV. If you regularly show images from the camera on your TV, the setup on the Z120 is better. But if you show pictures on your TV often a camera with a remote would be better for that than either of the Casios.

Digital stabilization isn't nearly as good as optical stabilization, but the Z120 does have a better digital stabilization. It is just nearly useless on the Z120 where it is totally useless on the Z750. the Z750 has a better LCD.

I measured 25 feet from the face of the fireplace for this flash assist shot. The dark wall is another 2 feet back. The left lamp is off and the right one has only a 16 watt bulb for navigation in the dark, so it didn't contribute to the shot. All other lights were off. There is noise in the shot but it doesn't show at this display size. It wouldn't show in a small print either.

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