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Just after writing the post below, and downloading the sample, I found that my downloaded sample played without any syncronisation problems at all.

So it must be something to do with my computer, and not the camera. Which works very well.

I need to take movies of interviews and reports. The movies would only be about one minute long but the sound quality is important because I am to use the movies for English language teaching materials.

I did not buy an Olympus Camedia 770 (the last camera to allow an external microphone) because the review mentioned that the the sound lagged behind the video.

I am having a similar problem with movies produced by my exilim p505.

But when I convert the movies to flash (using Swish Video) the lag pretty much disappears.

Do your movies synchronise? Is this a problem with
1) the camera
2) the memory card
3) my computer
My computer is new and pretty powerful (p4 3GHz, 650MB) but recently I installed FDDShow (codec manager) which replicates itself in the task bar.

Here is an a mpeg4 video from the camera (11MB) and here is flash video (4MB).
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if You try to play it with WMP then search this forum or www.dpreview.com forums for this issue- it lies in WMP codec useage and the best way to override it is to use ffdshow codec and change DiVX4 to libavcodec (Casio uses M$ M4S2 codec which is the same as above- mentioned). Sorry, I'm too lazy to find the thread but it is up to You... problem solved ages ago!

Best, JR

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