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Click2006 Jan 27, 2006 4:49 PM

:sad:I received my Casio EX-Z750 two weeks ago, and, I think it is a wonderful, compact, and versatile camera -- except for the lens. All it took was for the camera to fall over off a small (maybe 5 inch high) tripod when I was doing a self timer shot, and the camera won't work. The lens will not close, and therefore the camera will not turn on again, and none of the buttons work. Casio in Australia wanted to charge me about A$490 to repair the lens, but that is a little more than the price I bought the camera for. It is therefore probably not worth my while repairing it if a replacement cost is less. I am therefore left with a piece of junk. What particularly annoys me is that, while it is a wonderful camera, it is oh so fragile. I had my previous camera, a Nikon, for about three years, and while it is a bit of a dinosaur now, it was robust, and I never had it in a repair shop. It suffered a couple of drops along the way, but this was no problem. If anyone has any advice about what I should do with this camera. please give it! I have tried nudging the lens in, or out, as some people with ''the lens error' suggested in forums, but to no avail. I love this model but I am oh so scared of ending up with a malfunctioning camera if I buy another. What do you think?

slipe Jan 27, 2006 9:09 PM

There is a person who posts on the Casio board over at dpreview who has dropped his Z750 several times and it still works fine. He says it has a couple of decent sized dents. Several others chimed in with drops that didn't disable the camera. I've dropped mine in its case a couple of times on hard surfaces and it is still functioning. I've had mine since it was first released with no problems so far.

If the lens was extended and it landed on the lens just right I suppose any camera could get jammed. It seems to be a reasonably sturdy camera now that they have the lens error problems solved. If something happened to mine and it was unrepairable I probably like it enough to replace it. But I would really feel dumb if the second one broke.

Lexiticus Jan 28, 2006 6:09 PM

IF theres no visible damage just don't tell the place you dropped it, Just say you went to shut it off and it broke on you.

Warranty should cover that sort of thing, And for a small dent like that to disable a camera, its not entirely your fault

I go skiing with my Z120, and believe me, Ive crashed alot, and bounced that camera around like nobody's business, and it always turns on for me.

buddy1065 Feb 2, 2006 8:54 AM

I noticed when my cam came on in my pocket that the extended lens needed to be slightly bent back into shape; the cam would not function, so thats what I did and it worked.

exilimcamgrl Feb 10, 2006 4:36 PM

I just wanted to say thanks. I just did a google search because I dropped the camera and my lens wouldnt shut. I was so scared that I would have to replace the camera, but I found this board and read your message about bending the lens back into shape and IT ACTUALLY WORKED. It went back into place and I was able to turn my camera on and off again! So thank you very much!

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