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First my english is not perfect.

And the second is here the problem:

Until now i haven't any problems with the camera , but now i have done this. Yesterday was i on the party, and when i'm siting back to the table this catastrophe happend. I accidentally plunge lens into the glass of wine.
I immediately clean the wine with the serviette and put it on the radiator.
Everything looks to be well.

But today when i started the camera lens barrier doesn't want to open.
I opened it with my finger but when i turned the camera off it doesn't want to close.
I'm trying more and more, but no luck, it's look like that wine stick somewhere under that cover. The barrier opens sometime, but verly slowly.
So is there some way, to open only that cover which is above this barrier and clean it, or is there another way to fix this up?
Another problem is that in my country is no Casio service.
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Sorry about your misfortune. I have a Z750 too.Sounds like, one way or the other, that camera is going to have to be disassembled and cleaned. The heat from the radiator probably didn't help because the skicky wine is dried on insidenow. It might havegiven you abetter chance if you hadsupported the camera with the lens protruded and facing downward in an absorbent towel so that the wine would run out. In themeantime, I wouldn't be trying to force the parts by hand.

BTW, I have requested a flexi-skin casefor my camera from Box-Wave http://www.boxwave.com/products/index.htm. They manufacture to specifications depending on sufficient demand.But then again, I am not sure if these casescover theprotruding lens. I understand these skinsare also avaiable for the Z750at EBay. I know they are definitely not intended to be waterproof, just to keep the case free of scratches. Casio are beginning to manufacture underwater enclosures, but not yetfor the Z750 to my knowledge. Digital cameras are very sensitive to humidity too and they recommend putting them in a zip lock bag with a hole for the lens if you are using them outdoors in damp or humid conditions, or if you are going from extreme cold to warm condtions. I had a problem with a spot of moisture getting on the sensor of a digital camera after taking pictures of a rainbow after a shower. It took months before the dampness dried out and the spot, which also showed on the pictures, disappeared.
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If the liquid didn't get into the lens from a dunking I wouldn't think soaking the lens cover with pure alcohol (not rubbing alcohol) or distilled water and letting it soak out a few times with the camera pointed down on a paper towel would hurt it.

I would try that before attempting to disassemble it.

Actually thinking about it rubbing alcohol might not be so bad either. It is normally to be avoided for optics because it has a lubricant in it. But a lubricant might be just what you need. I would still try pure alcohol or distilled water first.

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I try that with the alcohol, it was a little better, but still not ok.

So, I send the camera to Casio service in Germany, they clean it up, and now
is everything fine .

I pay for the cleaning 50€ and they need 3 weeks.

Thanks for help.

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