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I just bought the Casio Z60 for my gf mainly for her to use just for fun. She is going to be goinig to China real soon and I think its a good present for her to take along. The camera is small and compaq and somewhat cheap.

I took it out this morning and tested the camera. I understand that this is a pns camera with no manual settings like my Pentax DS. But a lot of the pictures that I took seems to be blurry and noisy. The Anti-Shake feature on the camera is a joke because all it does is raise the shutter speed and ISO similair to Fuji's anti-shake feature. But the difference with fuji is that they are able to allow that because their CCD are much better at handling higher ISO then casio.

The one thing that I give it credit about this camera is the speed. It is pretty quick for what it is. That is the main reason why I bought the camera. But the performance on it seems to be pretty weak.

My question is, am I asking too much for the camera or is this a bad camera. Also what is the major difference between the z60 and the s600 besides the screen size? Is the s600 a better camera, it does cost more, about $100 more.
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I dont know, I think it was just a cheap camera all together. I tested it out some more and shot 50 more shot yesterday. All of the pictures seem to have some blurr and the image wasnt sharp at all. After all this was the cheapest slim camera out there so I guess casio cut some corners on it. Its funny because the specs looks very similiar to the S500 except the bigger screen, higher res, and non-mpeg 4 video on the z60. The s500 that I used from a friend of mine works perfect when I had it over the weekend.

I ended up returning the camera at target and bought the Pansonic FX01 from bhphoto.com for about $25 more shipped.
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yeah, ive been doing a lotta reading on the s600 and z60.. not much distinction - i just like the brushed metal look on the z60. and i'm hearing a lot of problems with the casio's on this forum. so i'm sticking to buying a sony dsc-w50 instead. i was seriously considering buying a casio until i came upon the casio forum. plus the dock cradle is bulky and annoying.
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Hello, I donĀ“t own a Z60 but a S500, I think they are similar in some ways.
Some tips:

Disable the Digital Anti Shake. It works like you described. So everytime you see an ISO 800 or even higher the pictures will be blurry.

Set all kinds of detection to "point" Then the camera will focus to the middle of the picture.

If the weather is not sunny be carefull with the zoom, the small lense will need a lot of light. Cloudy weather and zoom let drop the exposure time below 1/125 this is the critical value. Lower figures will make pictures blury.

This should reduce the number of bad and blury pictures to a compareable low number. Im satisfied with my camera now

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