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Default Exilim Z3 - lens, CCD problem or what?

Hey guys,

I bought an EX-Z3 a short while ago, and I noticed that there was a certain 5x5 region that was always showing this dot-like artifact. For an example, go to http://www.ecf.utoronto.ca/~wongmax/samplephoto.jpg There's a little point around the guy's head's left hand side, near the spikes of his hair, that is distinctly green. It is present on all pictures taken with the camera. The LCD also has a point that always shows green, and I don't know if it is related to this. It appears to be in the same region as this optical defect though. I have mailed it in for warranty service with a full explanation of my suspicion that it is an optical defect, and they have told me something along the lines that there's one defective pixel on the LCD and they cannot do anything about my camera because the number of burnt pixels is below 4. They didn't say anything about the lens at all. I have e-mailed them to tell them to clean the lens from the inside, but I don't know if they'll listen. They already said they would check the functionality of the device and send it back, because they cannot do anything about it.

To be honest, I can deal with one dead pixel on the LCD screen. But they never really told me whether or not my lens has something in it. I fail to believe that the LCD's dead pixels will reflect on my photos. It is just an optical aid for the user, isn't it? The picture is actually captured by a CCD from light through the lens, from what I understand about digital cameras. So this whole "we can't fix your camera" deal is somewhat dumb in my opinion.

The worst case scenario is that they give me my camera back as I had sent it, and I lose my mailing fee. But either way something has to be done. Is there a way to remove the lens of the camera manually and wipe it? Or if there are any other suggestions to remedy this, I would be most open to them...
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Looking at your sample, I can't see the problem you are describing. If it bugs you. Why not just pack up the cam and take it back to where you bought it and request an exchange? If you bought it online, take it to a local store that sells them (Radio Shack) for example and say you lost your receipt. They should have no prob exchanging it for you. If worse comes to worse, go buy a new one on a credit card. Then use THAT receipt to return the old one for a credit. Just say you changed your mind. Tell 'em the cam didn't meet your expectations.
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