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Hello there,

I was able to get these shots with my Vivitar S1 70-210 lens and am very please with the performance of the lense so far. Can you please give an ID on the bee (or whatever that is)? It looks a bit strange to me, especially the eyes...

All shots are crops and I applied a little touch-up for forum use and to increase detail and sharpness (nothing too drastic, though). Shots taken in Av mode, manual focus.

#1 - bee(?) inflight - f/2.8, 210mm, 1/1000s. That little critter used to fly zig-zag patterns and then stop suddenly, hovering in the sky like a kolibri or helicopter. It reminded me of a dragonfly due to this behaviour. I had the lens at max zoom (210mm) and to freeze motion I went for f/2.8 - the shallow DOF was a challenge! I looked with "unarmed" eyes where it would stop, aim the camera, focussed (or tried at least) and snapped away. Not many keepers, but this one is great I think.

So what is it? The eyes look so HUGE and strange, it almost has a face like a cat/lion of some kind... am confused here.

#2 - wasp at lift off. It LOOKS like a frog in a wasp costume, right? (f/3.2, 210mm, 1/1250s)

#3 - peacock butterfly. This one was VERY shy and I almost went nuts because it always moved when I tried to get focus. (f/7.1, 210mm, 1/250s)

That's it - I hope you enjoyed the show... how do you like the pics?

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Lovely pics. I know what you mean with the butterfly though. I have found it so hard to get back to manual focus lenses with something that moves!

Autofocus really makes you lazy!

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Old Apr 14, 2007, 8:03 PM   #3
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Cool captures!

I do not think #1/2 is a bee. I am no entomologist but IIRC bees have two pairs of wings. Flies, on the other hand, have only one pair of wings. Around here we would call that a "hoverfly". Here's an example:

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yep, i think it's a hoverfly too...
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and thanks for looking and the comments!

As for the hoverfly... hm. I am not convinced yet. Do you know what puzzles me? It has this single-colored body/back. Shouldn't it be black/yellow?

I already did a "fly" search on google images but didn't saw anything with such a brownish fur-like back and then - those eyes! The "fur" reminds me more of a bumblebee, but bumblebees are like 3 times the size of these whatever-they-are-called.

Do you got any other links that come closer to #1 ???

#2 is a wasp I'd say. Sounds like wasp, cuts small pieces of wood - they for sure build a nest with that...
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Th, you got yourself a nice lens to go with your obvious skill. That first picture is really interesting. Well done.

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WOW i like #2 a bunch!!!!!!!!1
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