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uhhmike Mar 28, 2004 11:48 AM

best macro cameras
what are the best macro cameras? i want to try macro + concert stuff, im a beginner.

i was thinking of the Nikon FM10 + add on filter to get started.. Someone mentioned a Nikon 4500 as being a good macro bet. would i need an extra filter with the 4500 or is the macro option good enough?

whats the deal on these?

anyone try the FM10? How are add on filters as opposed to a total macro lens? Will i need an extra macro lite for either of these?

Anyone have experience or ideas about this topic?

keep in mind i'm a beginner and I dont have $1000. I can spend around $500 or so, maybe more, but id rather not spend too much on something im just curious about., not just yet at least.

Are there any good digitals in the 4-500 range that are good for macro stuff and concert stuff without any add on lenses?

Or should i just stick with the FM10, get an add on, and maybe eventually get a macro lens or just get a upgrade to a DSLR like a Digital Rebel. ???? I cant decide.

what do you guys use for your macro stuff?

. Any ideas? Please help!!

JaroDefer Mar 28, 2004 3:03 PM

I'd have to suggest the Nikon Coolipix 4300. It has a great macro mode (much like all of the other Nikon cameras) it takes excellent pictures and can be found for ~$300.

Here is a review for you to check out. I think you'd be quite pleased with this camera.

uhhmike Mar 28, 2004 8:26 PM

cool. ive heard their crappy in low light coniditions, which is what id also like to be using it for.

whattya think? what about the long 10x zoom of the fuji s5000?


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