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Someone has suggested that this is actually purple fringing and I agree. Even thought we have bioluminecence in the waters here, I couldnt figure out why my camera was capturing it during the day, unless we had some confused dinoflagelettes..LOL

Thank you to my fellow photographer who corrected me.

It was a beautiful sunny day in the mid 50's so I headed down to the beach with my camera.

Just playing around I took some shell pictures at waters edge in Quissett Harbor.

Much to my surprise, whenI got home and loaded them to the computerI see some bioluminecence. Dinoflagelettes which are one celled algea which capture light thru photosynthesis and then "glow" when their cell sides are bumped.

I was unable to seethen with thenaked eye on this very sunny day, but at night they make the water glow when disturbed.

The only reason I knew what they were is that I recently read of a bay in the carribbean where you can kayak at twilight in a bioluminecence bay and the water around the kayaks and splashes from the paddles glows.

This is a cropped version of one of my pictures.

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Very interesting! What camera are you using?
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Nice variety of colors and the little purple dots really make it interesting.
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Thanks for the compliments. I'm using a 20D.
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Interesting. It's a good thing you were able to figure what those spots were. I would have figured they were blown highlights or something. Now I know better.
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