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lorenww Aug 24, 2011 12:30 PM

Black Swallowtails.
If I got the name right, this will be a first.
Got these on the morning walk, my best so far.
The first one has a bonus bug, you will have to find it though.

On the first one there is something like ghosting or fringing that is quite noticeable. Its from unsharp mask. Any ideas how to eliminate that?


Clint501 Aug 24, 2011 12:55 PM

Found the bonus bug.
Not sure what you're ghosting looks like. It looks like a bit higher shutter speed would freeze the image more. I read any exif date on the speed. Are you using JPEG or RAW? I finally started using RAW pictures and using Lightroom 3 to convert any I want to save to JPEG's. It's amazing what it can do with RAW images once you take the time to learn it.

lorenww Aug 24, 2011 3:15 PM

These are shot in RAW/NEF (with a basic JPG to quickly see then in "pix and fax" viewer), I use adobe RAW, tweak a little and then send them to photoshop. I don't quite get lightroom, maybe have to get my feet wet. I know Photoshop like the back of my hand. Maybe the ghosting is just in my mind.

I saved them as TIF, perhaps that strips out the EXIF information.
All shots are ISO 320, F/5.6
first shot 1/200
second 1/160
third 1/200

I go with aperture priority mode and crank it wide open for these types of shots.

I also set EV to -0.3, based on someones suggestion that it would help with some shots.
forgot it was set when taking these, perhaps +.03 would have helped.
I am as green as it gets with digital photography and processing.
Have always worked with JPG but someone recommended TIF for photos, so blindly took the advice.

Feel free to tell me how you would have done the shot differently or processed it differently, critique all you want, I crave it. It only improves the photographer.

Clint501 Aug 24, 2011 4:13 PM

What areas are ghosting?
BTW - your image is a PNG - that may be why there is no exif data.

Your settings are very close to mine. I shoot in the A mode mostly so I can get as much DOF as possible. I try to stay under 400 ISO and generally have the exposure to -0.3 also.

It took me 3 times to finally sit down and learn Lightroom because I was used using PhotoPaint and Elements (also Zoner Photo Studio.) I couldn't justify the expense of Photoshop for my usage. I tried the trial version and thought Elements would do okay for photo editing.

Lightroom is a database for cataloging as well as a photo "developer". I really like how it can take RAW files and get the best exposure, brightness, sharpness etc. What I didn't understand at first was you have to export the RAW file to jpeg (as well as other formats) if you want to "send" it, print it, or email. You can do all these "changes" to the RAW file but it doesn't actually change the original RAW file. It's a recorded database of the change you make in the file while preserving the original.

Once I made myself sit down and learn the steps I really liked it.

lorenww Aug 24, 2011 5:27 PM

Imageshack is doing the conversion, dang. All this time and I didn't even notice. It's JPG's all the way from here on out. I hope imageshack doesn't strip the EXIF from JPG's.

If you look at the first shot, where his second leg from his head is pointing at where the two flowers meet.
What I call ghosting is that feint border on the left side of where the two flowers meet. It kind of looks like an outline.
You can also see it on the lower part of that flower on the lower left side (Directly to the right of the hidden bug).
You really need to look close to see it, If I lean back it's gone. Just nit picking I guess.

I guess I do use lightroom, in Photoshop it's called camera RAW. Check out this link.

The interface gives you much more viewing room, I get claustrophobic in lightroom.

I just do tiny tweaks in RAW or everything gets messed up.

Ok, now to suck it up and really dig into it and learn things.

Thanks Clint, this fires up my enthusiasm.

Totally off topic but has anyone seen Monster Bug Wars on the science channel. They have the most awesome macro bug videos and last night it had the assassin bug in action as well as many bugs I've seen here. It is a definite must see for bug enthusiasts.

saly Aug 24, 2011 5:39 PM

That's a beautiful butterfly, and I think you are right about it being a black swallowtail. And yes, I do see the double image (or ghosting, or halo or whatever it's called..:p) It's most noticeable around the flowers in #1, background plants in 2 and 3, and around the butterfly in #3. I'm not very well versed in pp so I can't help there....:o

mole Aug 24, 2011 10:46 PM

Great photos of a Spicebush Swallowtail. One good way to tell it from Black Swallowtail, if you look at the row of orange spots closer to the body, it looks like #3 is missing...

Perhaps your "ghosting" is from aggressive sharpening?

Clint501 Aug 25, 2011 7:00 AM

Download the trial copy of Lightroom 3. It will work great with Photoshop. It can definitely remove the ghosting if you edit it using the RAW file.

lorenww Aug 25, 2011 12:34 PM

"Spicebush Swallowtail" LOL, eventually I will get one right, thanks for the correction. I would hate to break my record now.
I found the holy grail of sharpening. My ghosting,haloing was from over doing it.
It looks like a lot of work and I have made 4 actions, all with different settings.
It's funny because it is very similar to what I do to get the Orton effect, just never thought about that for sharpening, just for blurring.

@Clint I do have lightroom only in photoshop it's called camera raw.
From the link I posted, when asked about camera raw or lightroom,

Q. So, which one should I use?
A. Camera Raw in Photoshop CS3, Camera Raw in The Adobe Bridge, and the Develop Module of Lightroom 1.4 are all the same. All three have the same sliders, in the exact same order, they have the same tools, etc..

Q. So what’s the difference?
A. Camera Raw has a light gray background, and Lightroom’s Develop Module has a dark gray background.

Q. That’s it?
A. That’s it.

Now I just need to learn the nuances.

lorenww Aug 25, 2011 1:54 PM

The results. Unsharp mask at 500. I know this is way overdone but the halo, ghosting doesn't appear. Even the bonus bug came out clear.
This is just a proof of concept. No one really unsharps to 500.
I recorded 2 actions and stop just before unsharp mask.
Just a click of the play button and instant sharp images. Sweet.
If you would like a copy of the actions, PM me with your email address.


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