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Graben Mar 15, 2005 4:59 PM

these are all on auto, as I just got the camera an hour ago. Just wanted to let people know what they could get with auto.

kung-fu-alien Mar 15, 2005 8:18 PM

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Thethird shot is great, I work for an animal charity in the UK and I would happily put that shot of the dilute ginger cat on our website's homepage, in fact, can I?

The second image again is good, the only problem is there is a redish reflection starting on the cats right ear and leading down to its neck and that kinda spoils it a bit, also the image is slightly blurred.

A fellow member of this forum (RodneyBlair) explained to me earlier onone of my stringshow to edit pictures using paint shop pro 9.

I took the liberty of altering your images slightly, as you can see below, unfortunatly I do not know how to remove the redish reflection from the picture, as like you, I only got my digital SLR last week and I am still learning.

Please feel free to view my work and rip it to pieces too :-)

Kung Fu Alien

kung-fu-alien Mar 15, 2005 8:20 PM

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It didn't seems fair just to give one cata makeover, so here is an alternative to your original of the dilute ginger cat.

Graben Mar 15, 2005 8:29 PM

It's my roommates' cat, they said feel free to use the picture, they just would like a link to the webpage. And if anyone could edit out the black behind the cat, (its an antenna from a router) we would really appreciate it. I can send the original if that helps.

kung-fu-alien Mar 16, 2005 7:38 PM

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OK, this was a learning experience for me.

I have managed to remove the router from the picture to the best of my ability.

I only for Paint Shop Pro 9 a few days ago, so I am still learning how it all works, so the result is not that I would call perfect, maybe another forum member would like to try and edit it out and let us know their technique?

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