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Default Cliched Photos

Hi all,

I recently read an article on Outdoor Photographer's website about photographer's taking cliched photos that have already been popularized.
Such as the famous locations of Ansel Adams, or in the case of my photo the water drop splashing.
Yes these have been photos that have been taken and other photographer's have given them wide popularity that many photographer's want to try and take the same photo.
But is it to copy them and take a great photo after someone else has already figured out a great composition? Or is it not just about copying, but to learn instead. Maybe the many photographer's that flock to Yellow Stone in the attempt to capture the same type of photos Mr. Adams took are trying to see through the eyes of a great photographer. To see what it is he saw, the potential of the composition and to learn from it. They may walk away with a similar photo, but with new lessons learned.

Here is my attempt at a water drop splash, and though many out there have done the exact same type of photo, I learned a great deal about things I thought I already knew a lot about, such as focus points, aperture, and above all else, PATIENCE! This took over 200 photos (2 hours), just to get this one that I liked.

Please feel free to critique, and comment on my above post.

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G'day Travis

George Bernard Shaw is oft quoted as saying "photographers are like a salmon - the fish over its lifetime lays 30,000 eggs and if lucky, maybe a dozen of so reach full maturity. So it is with a photographer..."

So artists like doing seascapes, landscapes, flowers, horses running etc etc etc and photographers like - well the same stuff too

I suggest to you that there is a big difference between someone who (say) enjoys a landscape supposedly done-to-death by others, vs someone who painstakingly step-by-step attempts to copy another's masterpiece (AA for example)

ie- would you go to Paris and -not- try for a pic of the Eiffel tower? Is that a subject done-to-death by others, but you / I would certainly have a go at it for our collection

Regards, Phil
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Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
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"PATIENCE!" It certainly paid off.
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