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Hi Toshi43,

I'm not sure if you are trying to make a point about the ISO1600.. (I also looked at your close up #1 post). It's true that at times we do need to use high ISO to get photos we need (especially if we dont' have a tripod handy, or if there is subject movement).

Anyway, I decided to run your photo through noiseware and here is the result. I think the noise is quite noticeable in your posted photo (after all the Fuji 5200 is not a DSLR, so that's expected!) I own a Fuji F601 and I'm glad it has ISO1600 - even if it's noisy and limited to 1.3MP, still at times I can get a photo that I wouldn't get otherwise. What's most annoying to me about my Fuji at high ISO's (e.g. 800 or 1600) is it tends to have a biased colour cast at high ISO's.

Half a year ago I bought a DSLR (Canon 350D). The noise is even lower at 1600 on the Canon than my Fuji is even at 400! And the Canon at 1600 is MUCH MUCH lower than the Fuji at 800. That's what a big sensor helps with!

And as I think you'll see below, running high ISO photos (also from a non-DSLR) through noise reduction software can really help a lot in improving the image.

Let me know what you think (and not too much detail was lost either...)

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