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eal Aug 1, 2004 12:13 PM

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Please comment..I'm new at this :)


surfnron Aug 1, 2004 3:41 PM

Nice color and focus, but maybe a little less depth of field would help.


eal Aug 1, 2004 8:07 PM

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Thanks for the reply. I have a couple more, if you woulnd't mind commenting on them also..

eal Aug 1, 2004 8:08 PM

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Another one..I think I should have croped this one..

eal Aug 1, 2004 8:10 PM

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Last one, don't want to take up to much of anyone's time..

ImKayd1 Aug 2, 2004 2:58 AM

The first flower is by far the best. Good focus and because you chose a side on angle the depth of field is good. I really like it. The orange flower is just a tad out of focus, the bird picture is kind of blah (the background blending with the subject) and the one with the bee on it has potential but I think it needs cropping.Keep posting and welcome.


I just looked at the bee picture again, you've lost focus on the bee. Keep on shooting and posting.

eal Aug 3, 2004 7:46 PM

Thanks for the comments, I'm pretty new at this, so any comment is a plus. Thanks again,


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