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a fella's gotta be careful who he hits on these days... :G spotted this pair of orb weavers outside my son's bedroom window. the male (little one) was puttin' his best moves on the hot mama...

apparently she tired of his advances, because she locked him in a fatal embrace...

a few seconds after i snapped the last shot, she discarded the poor li'l guy's lifeless husk into the weeds beneath the web... :O

all were taken with my Tammie 24-135 at 135mm, from about a foot away, and cropped about 50%... 1/200 @ f7.1. not my clearest shots - the DOF at 135mm at that distance is painfully small, and i had to bend at an awkward angle that made it a little hard to hold steady...
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Geez...we guys never learn do we ???:-)
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Nice series , kind of scary when you think about it!:shock:
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Nicely documented. Male spiders get one shot at it - that is real dedication. The spider best known for this behavior, is named for it - the Black Widow (there is also a Brown Widow).
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Nice shots squirl..!

I almost married one like that back in Califorina.........pheeeew!
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