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Tom Overton Oct 17, 2004 10:25 AM

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Hi guys;

I just picked upa set of Hoya Close-up filters. (+1, +2, +4). This is one of my first shots, taken at full zoom, with all three filters (in the correct order, I hope).

I think I'm going to enjoy this.


Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada

dan279 Oct 22, 2004 4:39 PM

Very interesting Tom. Makes me want to give up candy :)......Thinking I would like to get involved in close-ups also. Came across this adapter on ebay and am hoping you could help me with a question.What advantage, or disadvantage, would I get from the hood?


Tom Overton Oct 22, 2004 8:19 PM

Hi Dan;

I have not seen this adaptor yet. It looks like an interesting combination, though - the Kodak lens adaptor/hood/lens cap. I checked out and they look to be fairly professional. Their cost for these items separately would be about $30. I did not see a package, though I'm sure if you contacted them they could give you a better idea. Many people have had great success buying gear through ebay, but I'm of the mind that it is usually better to deal with the manufacturers/retailers themselves. (my two cents, for what it's worth.)

The advantage of a lens hood is that it can prevent lens flare from lights which are outside of your frame, for example the sun. In my understanding, they can also help a digicam in TTL focusing/metering, (Through the lens) as it cuts down on light that can confuse the sensors. As long as it does not obstruct your field of view, they should not be a problem. I do not own one myself... yet. Many's the time I have wished I had one.

Please let me know which path you choose, and how things work out for you.


Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada

dan279 Oct 23, 2004 2:15 PM

Hi Tom Thank you for your reply and information. You make a good point about buying , I feel the same way.However I seem to be having trouble finding an adapter in stock anywhere including the big names like BH. So I will definitely go for this adapter as well as take your advice and contact them on other products. Thank you again.


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