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Default Focusing

How do you focus close-ups? I used to keep the camera on a tripod and then move the tripod to and fro until the picture looked sharp on the screen. But by then the subject had often gone somewhere else.

It got a bit easier after I got an Olympus C2100UZ because I can do without the tripod. I still move the camera back & forth until the picture in the viewfinder looks sharp: then I press the button & hope that I didn't move out of focus while I was doing it. But it's still a bit hit and miss, so if possible I take several pictures. That's what I did with these babies. The depth of focus was very shallow, so of course some of the babies are in focus and some aren't.

Klaus (I think it was Klaus) mentioned the other day applying a bit of extra contrast followed by Photoshop's Unsharp Mask. So I tried it on this picture. I think it worked a bit better than the sharpening function in ACDSee. Thanks, Klaus.

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Hi Herb.

I'm pretty much using the same technique as you are. I think it's often a good thing to take time and study i.e a bugs behavior before shooting. Okay - mostly its gone before shooting - but then againg - It'll come back one day... 8)

My D100 has really no shutterlag, so I dont have that problem with half pushed button anymore. Now I just push and ...there it is! That's nice.

Thing your baby-spider shot is alright. But when shooting close-ups - the idea is to show details your eyes never will se without using glass. Get my point ? The viewer has to be facinated of that small unseen world!

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