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Hi everyone

I plan on getting into macro photography and I am looking where to get started gearwise. My current gear consists of:

A decent tripod
Canon 400D
Canon 430EX
Canon 18-55mm kit lens
Sigma 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 OS
Canon 50mm f1.8

I have looked at the macro lenses available and found that the EF-S 60mm probably suits me best. However, I have also read about the 12mm/25mm extension tubes and the 250D/500D diopters and I am unsure what to get which leads me to the following questions:

1) Will the 250D/500D work with the EF-S 60mm? If so - how much will they gain me in macro capabilities?
2) Will the 12mm/25mm extension tubes work with the EF-S 60mm? If so - how much will they gain me in macro capabilities?
3) If you had to choose between either the diopter or extension tube - which would you prefer and why?
4) Would it be any good just using either of my current lenses using extension tubes and/or diopters and skip the macro lens? Which would yield the best magnification results?

I'm sure I had more questions but these will do for now :-)

Thanks for taking your time helping me out!

Kind regards,


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1. 250D works best for lenses of focal length from 50mm to 135mm. Since youare using Canon's gears, this 250D will workout magic for you.

2. Definitely, you can increase the depth of view and magnifying power more with the extension tubes. Kenko is good though not as good as Canon's. Kenko's are all with contact points for easy metering.

3. I think I would start with the extension tubes first as they are reasonable in price and as they offer different magnification ratios with which youmayshoot more macroscopically. This will enable you to know the possibilities you are opened to in macrophotography.

4. The extent you can go in macrophotography is limited when you just use the extension tubes or the magnifier on non-macro lenses and you will never be satified with what you can get.

Ipreferthe macro lens of focal length 105mm rather than the 60mm.The longer ones, e.g. those longer than 105mm, can provide you with more working distance between the lens and the subject being shot. This is essential for beingtooclose, you scare the object being shot away and you also cannotuse flash that easily or to place a reflector to change the light quality. A needle is never sharp at both ends. The depth of view of the longer ones are much shorter. So, what you intend to shoot decide what you should buy.
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