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seemolf Aug 9, 2005 10:12 AM

seeing fine macros by cerambyx in the panasonic forum, I remembered the old box standing in the corner.
Low budget (high price!) seems to be a good source for inventiveness. Przeman uses an excellent lens taken from a binocular (+5diopt.) for his macros.
Cerambyx took the lens of a russian "binocular microscope" MBS-10 (manufactured still by lomo?-299Eur) for his impressive macros. Both lenses are coated achromats.
Since my old box contains the mbs-10, it is time to compare its lens to some available achromats and some closeup lenses lying around in my cupboard.
All the tests were made with a panasonic FZ5.
The camera was adjusted in 12* Zoom Macro Mode to minimum distance (77cm) and then switched over to Amode F/8,iso100,fixed focus.
Testmap was my LCD-Screen with an excel sheet (arial10 fat). Two boxes in this sheet match exactly 1cm on the screen.
So everybody may compare his equipment to theses settings.
Pictures were not sharpened just resized.

Not trusting in the sports adapter used by cerambyx, I had to find a new attachment of this heavy lens.
This is a quick and dirty adapter (plumber edition - please do not show this to LoveLife), but it is centered - very close and you can modify it to reach the tripod as well.

seemolf Aug 9, 2005 10:12 AM

First some examples:
The wide angle closeup at 3cm is out of spec.! This is only a demonstration what happens if you get too close to the lens:0cm macro mode :-)
The fz5 will not show such a distortion under any other conditions.
The tele macro zoom shows a field of about 8,5cm*6,5cm.
Last example shows what you get if you buy a cheap "macro" wide converter on holidays (long ago!).

from the left to the right: diopt., distance front lens- object, lens

0,0d 77cm FZ5 macro zoom 12* 77cm distance
0,0d 3cm FZ5 closeup zoom 1* 3cm distance
15d 4,5cm macro lens for cheap wide converter

seemolf Aug 9, 2005 10:12 AM

Achromats - big butterfly size
good results, no distortion

1,7d 34,5cm Leitz elpro VIIa achromat
1,7d 33,5cm Sigma achromat
2,0d 31cm Minolta No.1 achromat

seemolf Aug 9, 2005 10:12 AM

Achromats - butterfly size
good lenses

2,5d 27cm Olympus amacro achromat
2,5d 26,5cm Leitz elpro VIa achromat
2,5d 24cm Olympus Mcon40 achromat

seemolf Aug 9, 2005 10:13 AM

Achromats - small bug size
Differences appear, canon 240 (an old lens) is fairly good, the elpro VIb is not sharp to the edges.
The MBS-10 190mm Lens is leader in class!

4,5d 19,5cm Canon 240 (not 240d) a heavy lens, but as far as I know this is not an achromat!
4,9d 15,5cm Leitz elpro VIb achromat
5,3d 13cm MBS-10 190 Lens

seemolf Aug 9, 2005 10:13 AM

Achromats - ant size
My best lens - olympus gets companions. The russian lenses are sharp to the edges.
But it is a hard job to find the focus!

7,7d 10,5cm Olympus alife size achromat
11d 8,5cm MBS-10 90 Lens
22d 2,5cm MBS-10 90 Lens with 2* extender

seemolf Aug 9, 2005 10:13 AM

Closeup Lenses
The +4 closeup Lens has the known problems: soft at the edges (which is quite nice in flower pictures).
But the +1,+2 and +4 lenses reveal still an acceptable picture.
My variable and +10 diopt. Lens will retire!

4,0d 19cm Closeup Lens +4diop. rowi
2-6d 5,5cm Variable Macrolens +6 diopt.
10d 6,5cm Closeup lens

seemolf Aug 9, 2005 10:14 AM

There may be better results with different cameras, zoom and/or focus settings!

Most achromats and the MBS-10 lenses give good results in this test environment.
There is one exception: the Leitz elpro VIb is only sharp in the center part,
this lens was calculated for a 50mm Lens, it seems not to be suited for the extreme zoom environment.
I will redo the test with lower zoom settings.
Not shown here: some combinations of achromats degrade the performance, other give a good fit: eg. Minolta No1 and Olympus Mcon40.
Among the "cheap" lenses only my closeup lens +4 diopt. gave fairly good results, the others were close to a catastrophy!

You will be missing the most popular lenses Nikon 3T .. 6T and Raynox 250d.
These ones give good results anyway. I was only able to get hold of the lenses mentioned above.

My personal conclusion is, that I will start to use the MBS-10 lenses for extreme closeups.
And on the other hand my achromats will do an excellent job together with my MBS-10.
Many thanks to cerambyx!

Any comments appreciated!

CerambyX Aug 9, 2005 4:39 PM

WOW, seemolf that's one excellent test that you have done! You shouldn't thank me, but I should thank you for these comparisment shots.
It's nice to see that my equipment did good in your tests! And your adapter probably is much more better than my adapter :-) but probably I will still use it for a while.
The negative aspect of this lens is the big weight - this combo with Panasonic FZ20 weighs 1,140 kg (around 2,5 pounds), but on the other hand I like it, bcause I can hold the camera very stable and can get handheld shots with shutterspeeds around 1/30-1/40 (and probably slower) even on higher zooms.
The second minus could be, taht you have to be very close to the subject when using this lens. I haven't measured it but if you use it from one side (I can push this lens in my adapter from both sides) it is around 10 cm (vinegetting dissapears at 2x), but from the otehr side it is around 15-20 cm (but vinegetting dissapears only at 4-5x).
But I'm quite pleased with it and I think I have learned how to use it and since autofocus works very well with this lens I have no problems with focusing either.
So I think I'm stuck with this lens for a while.
Once again thanks seemolf for this superb test!

seemolf Aug 10, 2005 12:55 AM

well CerambyX....
it was your idea!!
Thanks for your comments. I will do some tests with different zoom settings. Perhaps there is a difference in the DOF? The MBS-10 lenses help me in situations where I had to combine lenses - up to now. I am surprised that you use autofocus. Not using a tripod, I have to be fast. So I fix the focus and search the right zoom/distance.
Did you see my posting on diffusors?;forum_id=7

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