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I thought about starting a game for a bit of fun. What I'll do is post a picture of an object using a reversed lens and let you try and guess what it is. If you don't guess correctly by the second day I will post another picture which may or may not have been taken with a reversed lens. If it is a small object then not using a reversed lens could show the entire thing. :lol: On the third day if you still don't know I will post the object in its entirety and hope you know what it is.

I probably won't do this religiously. Only if and when I think of something else. It's just a bit of fun anyway.
I'll state with each post what type of lens I used, so you can get a rough idea of scale. If a reversed lens is used it will be a 50mm lens mounted backwards on a zoom which goes up to 114mm (film equivalent). Photos aren't taken with quality in mind, only function. I won't necessarily say if someone has got it right as soon as I see that someone has. I may leave it a while to see what other people think it is.

This one was taken with a reversed 50mm lens.

Some people may find this one easy. It'll be one of those that you either know straight away or don't know at all.
There is no point checking my photobucket account for the other images, they're not uploaded. :-)

And just for a little extra help, this one was taken with this weeks challenge in mind.

Now I'll sit back and watch this thread fall to the bottom of the forum. :lol:
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I saw your post in the challenge forum and now realize my guess there was wrong. It is a cabinet door handle.
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Pavaros guessed correct in the thread in the challenge forum. It is a key.Here are the two other pictures.

50mm reversed

Macro mode
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