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Default pink flower

with a sony f717
looks like the tip of the "pistle" (if memory serves me... that's what it's called) is a little out of focus... a shame as I love this flower... and the fact that I didn't even notice until later the pollen that is visible on the flower petals...


ps. what could I of done differently to make sure the whole flower is in focus? this is a very new camera in an amature's hands...
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Hi Ducker,

It looks like the flower petals are also a bit soft. The camera seems to have focused on the green leaves behind the flower. When taking close up photographs, the depth of field (how much of the image is in focus) is very small. It is difficult to get BOTH the pistle and the petals in focus.

Try using a very small aperature. This will increase your depth of field. Of course, by using a small aperature, you will be using a slower shutter speed and will likely require a tripod.

If I'm talking above your head, let me know and I'll explain further and tell you how to do this with your camera. I own the Sony 707 (almost the same camera).

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if you don't mind Darrell. As I am just starting out with photography, and want to learn as much as possible.

I'm going to guess you're talking about using a lower f#? (ie. smaller aperature?)

I think it can be done by setting the dial to "A" mode, and then using the right wheel to modify the Aperature?

I still need work on all my terminologies... time to hit the library and borrow a good book.

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lower f number is bigger aperature less depth of field. high f # is smaller aperature and more dof.

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