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Default Rainy Primrose

Taken by Nick with my H.P. 315

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The image appears to be upside down! You need to get closer and focus a little better. See my post "Primrose leaf with raindrops" just a few down from this one for comparison.

I am guessing you were about a foot away from the flowers. Try moving in to about six inches or less, if your lens permits, and see what a difference it makes.

It looks like the Primrose is growing in a pine tree! What is the relationship of the tree to the flower? By getting closer, you can probably eliminate the pine branch?? from the picture.
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Calr , the primrose had just been beaten down by the rainstorm that we had Friday night. This was as close as my nephew could get and have the camera focus. It is a point and shoot H.P. I wish it could have gotten closer.

The plant is on the ground at the edge of a Fir tree in my Mother-in-laws yard. I have an old cedar stump that I pull weeds out of, so you've given me idea's for more shots if I put a plant in there.

I saw your shot and thought about this one as an addition to let people see what a flowering primrose looked like. ops: We have so much to photograph in the Northwest. I appreciate the review.
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The HP315 is a nice basic point and shoot camera and having owned and used one for many years I remember it fondly. I learned the ropes on digital photography using one.

Your "Rainy Primrose" picture is quite good for the original capabilities of the HP315. It sucks in low lighting. However, in my attempt to get closer to objects I ended up buying a macro lens for the 315. The lens opened up a whole new world of photography.

A sample is shown below.

If you visit my web site listed below you'll note that a number of my shots were taken using the HP315.

Because of the inherent restriction of the camera it required a bit more patience and willingness to experiment but it took some great pictures. To focus the add-on macro lens required some guesswork but as you can see the results were worth the effort.

If you intend to continue using the HP315 drop me a line and maybe we can arrange to get you the macro lens that I still have.

Aloha and keep clicking away.
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