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enjoying my new lens


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Log, i'd like this one a bit better if it weren't so tight a crop... back up a bit and get the whole flower in ... great color and sharpness, though.
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I like the background being out of focus, giving the chrysanthemum, so to put 'cause I don't know the name of the flower too, a distinct look. The flower does not have a distinct 3-dimensional view,pretty flatout on the topwhen viewedfrom the side and round in look when from the top. Framing it is a problem. The focus of interest in your shot is on the stigma, I presume, soslight cropping of the petals is a good idea.

If you stay a bit back and zoom out from your tele macro, the overall look of the flower will change dramatically. The round shape of the flower will catch the viewer's attention instead of the stigma at the centre, and the round shape will, I guess, make the flower appear dull in the picture.

I findflowers of this shape difficult to shoot. I will decide the kind ofdetail that I want torecord for the flower, the position for the detail to be present in the picture, the kind ofbackground and foreground thatI would juxtaposedto makethe flower and the focus of interest of the flower to become prominent.

So, if you focus of the chrysanthemum is on the stigma, the shot has been good enough. The stigma come out sharp and clear. The slight out-of-focus feeling at the tip of the petals also makes the stigma more distinct. What is more important is the background whichisaesthetically blurred that gives the periphery of the flower a silky feeling. The stigma is now at the centre of theshot. Moving ittothe onethird position either on the left or the right willcreate a voidthat has no detailsin it, so the central position for the stigma to be placed is an appropriate choice.I like the shot very much on the whole.

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It's called a cone flower. They are great to photograph because they change from day to day and attract butterflies.
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