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Norm in Fujino Sep 15, 2005 5:38 AM

What is with these guys, do they have territorality or something?

Late this afternoon I was walking my dog up the same hill as yesterday and in exactly the same place as yesterday another black spangle started flying around; I watched it a bit then lost sight of it, but when I looked at the place where I'd taken the picture yesterday, there it was; alighted on the very same bush. And this is obviously not the same specimen.

The color and pattern are obviously different, not to mention the slight damage to the wings on the one yesterday. Anyway, I had the 50-200 on but decided this time to do it right, so ran home and got the tripod and flash (Oly FL-50). Even with the focus assist on the flash, I had a hard time finding focus among the darkening bushes, and I ended up having to manually focus (=guess) a good deal of the time. This photo was the very last one I took and may be the best (not sure what that's saying, tho).
Olympus e-300 + ZD50-200, 200mm ([email protected]/160) + FL-50, ISO 400 (NR a la Silkypix)

ID throws me off, tho, since it looks quite different from the one yesterday, and I haven't found a photo of one yet one the net. It may be merely a variant or (different sex, even) of the same Papilo protenor. The wingspan was about 12-13 cm).

A Contemplative Companion to Fujino Township

Stevekin Sep 23, 2005 5:16 PM

Well, whatever he/she is, I like it better than the other one.

Only trouble is, I think you're going to have a bit more trouble breaking this one in............he's already thrown his saddle :G

Norm in Fujino Sep 24, 2005 12:20 AM

Luckily, this one was at a flatter plane to my position than the first one, and the tele was able to reach easier than my crawling up the hillside. Didn't try riding this one--it's just an old family saying passed down from my grandmother: "never ride the blue butterfly!"


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