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Hi Paul, it's nice to see you back! This is a beauty, I look forward to seeing more!!

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Thanks guys for your feedback..!!


you've given very kind and thoughtful comments. Indeed I was wondering if and how to crop it, and I tried the square crop first and I liked it better than all the other types I tried later (rectangular just didn't "match" the symmetry, etc).

I agree the blue centre is very powerful (and those little orange parts (stemen?) too I think are a sign of the beauty within nature..) Sorry I'm forgetting biology terms from too many years ago of high school science!




I hope that you have been able to pull yourself away from the screen... otherwise you'll have fried eyes!! :-) Seriously though, glad you are enthralled by the flower.

I was just thankful to be able to capture it, perhaps more a matter of being at the right place in the right light at the right time (semi-opened petals) rather than me being a good photographer).

Thanks for looking!!



Glad you appreciate the colour and contrast. I had a bit of post processing ums and ahs to decide how to get the most out of it. Thankfully I think it sorta worked.

I like your turn "sunburst".... yes, that's a shape it certainly resembles!!


Hey Bob,

your kind words are very valued, coming from someone (you) whose photos I admire so much. Really appreciated! We'll be seeing more of each other here on these forums.

Thanks also for welcoming me back so warmly.


Kind wishes

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